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Fortean Times #32 (Summer 1980)


Mystery Cats - Australia, America, Scotland & Others





Usual Stuff

  • 01,17 Editorial
  • 45 News
    • Book News
    • Monster Hunts
    • Funds
    • Meetings
  • 54 Classified Exchange
  • 56 Small Ads
  • 56 Errata
    • FT029:3,8 - portraits of Charles Fort should have been credited "Copyright Aaron Sussman/Fortean Picture Library"
    • FT030:11 - Bury Free Press should be Suffolk & Bury Free Press
    • FT031:36 - Photo captions reversed: Franta family of Watertown is on the left, McGuires of Lovell are on the right.
  • 56 Truss Fund (donations) - Janet & Colin Bord, Julie Felzien, Phyllis Hall, Leo Licof, Gordon McLellan, CW Murray, Kevin Ryan, Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool, in memory of Paul Howes, Martin Straw
  • 56 Help!
  • 56 Next Issue
  • 57 Subscriptions



  • 46-52 Hardbacks
    • Earth's Secret Inhabitants by D Scott Rogo & Jerome Clark - Loren Coleman
    • This House Is Haunted by Guy Lyon Playfair - Bob Rickard
    • Alien Animals by Janet & Colin Bord - Bob Rickard
    • Monsters and Mysteries by HT Wilkins Janet Bord
    • UFO Phenomena and the Behavioural Scientist edited by Dr Richard F Haines - Janet Bord
    • Guardians of the Universe by Ronald Story - Paul Begg
    • The Ancient Stones Speak: A Journey to the World's Most Mysterious Megalithic Sites by David D Zink - Larry E Arnold
    • Megaliths and Their Mysteries: The Standing Stones of Old Europe by Alastair Service & Jean Bradbery - Janet Bord
    • Glastonbury by Michael Mathias & Dereck Hector - Valerie Thomas
    • Stonehenge and Its Mysteries by Michael Balfour - Valerie Thomas
    • In Search of Ancient Astronomies edited by EC Krupp - Valerie Thomas
    • The New Soviet Psychic Discoveries: A First Hand Report by Henry Gris & William Dick - Paul Sieveking
    • The Religions of Tibet by G Tucci - Mike Crowley
  • 52-54 Paperbacks
    • Dowsing: Techniques and Applications by Tom Graves - Janet Bord
    • The Old Stones of Land's End: An Enquiry into the Mysteries of the Megalithic Science by John Michell - Janet Bord
    • The Magic Zoo by Peter Costello - RMJR
    • Islam by Muhammad Zafrulla Khan - RMJR
    • Muslim Saints and Mystics by Farid al-Din Attar, translated by AJ Arberry - RMJR
    • The House of Lords UFO Debate preface by Lord Clancarty, notes by John Michell - RMJR
    • Worthwhile Paperback Editions
    • The Probability of the Impossible by Thelma Moss
    • The Wolf Children by Charles Mcclean
    • Life Cloud by Fred Hoyle and NC Wickramasinghe
    • A Young Person's Guide to UFOs by Brian Ball
    • Ages in Chaos by Velikovski
    • Rameses II and His Time by Velikovski
    • Peoples of the Sea by Velikovski
    • Out Changing Planet by John Gribbin
    • Future Worlds by John Gribbin
    • Dowsing: One Man's Way by J Scott Elliot
    • The Manna Machine by Gordon Sassoon and Rodney Dale
    • The Savage God by Al Alvarez
    • Castastrophe Theory by A Woodcock and M Davis
    • Instruments of Darkness by Alfred Price
    • The First Three Minutes by Steven Weinberg
    • The Red Limit by Timothy Ferris
    • The Once and Future Star by George Michanowsky


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