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Fortean Times #31 (Spring 1980)


Tracking China's Wildman



  • 22 Enigma Variations by Nigel Watson
    • Wormology
    • Heavenly Death
    • War Reports
    • Bodily Configurations
    • Up the Poll
    • Credits: Ion Will, Jake Williams, Lucius Farish's UFO Newsclipping Service Nos 114 & 115.
  • 24 On the Trail by Loren Coleman
  • 27 Tales From the Yellow Emporium by Steve Moore
    • First Emperor's Army
    • The Hairy Boy



Usual Stuff


  • 44-49 Hardbacks
    • Poltergeists by Alan Gauld & AD Cornell - Michael Goss
    • Mysteries of the World edited by Christopher Pick - Paul Sieveking
    • Witchcraft and the Gay Counterculture by Arthur Evans - ISBN 978-0915480012 - Michael Anthony Hoffman
    • An Account of Meeting With Denizens of Another World, 1871 by William Robert Loosley, edited and commentary by David Langford - ISBN 978-0715377253 - Colin Bord
    • UFOs: A British Viewpoint by Jenny Randles & Peter Warrington - ISBN 978-0709174660 - RJMR
    • Gods of Aquarius by Brad Steiger - Colin Bord, RJMR
    • The Airmen Who Would Not Die by John G Fuller - RJMR
    • Researches on the I Ching by Iulian K Shchutskii - Steve Moore
    • I Ching Numerology by Da Liu - Steve Moore
    • Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings by Charles H Hapgood - ISBN 978-0801950896 - Valerie Thomas
    • Famous Americans You Never Knew Existed by Bruce Felton & Mark Fowler - Paul Sieveking
  • 50-51 Paperbacks
    • The Incorruptibles by Joan Carroll Cruz - ISBN 978-0895550668 - RJMR
    • Worthwhile Paperback Editions
    • Realms of the Human Unconscious by Stanislav Grof
    • The Human Encounter with Death by Stanislav Grof & Joan Halifax
    • Answer to Job by Carl G Jung
    • The Naturalised Animals of the British Isles by Christopher Lever
    • Natural and Supernatural by Brian Inglis
    • Ghosts Over Britain by Peter Moss
    • Miracles by Geoffrey Ashe
    • The Turin Shroud by Ian Wilson
    • The Wild Boy of Aveyron by Harlan Lane
    • A Guide to Ancient Sites in Britain by Janet & Colin Bord
    • Atlas of World Mysteries by Francis Hitching
    • The Secrets of Easter Island by Jean-Michel Schwartz



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