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Fortean Times #33 (Autumn 1980)

  • Cover price: 95p $2.50
  • 56 pages (60 w/covers)
  • Cover art by William Rankin

UFO Abduction - Symbols & Psychology; Enfield Polt p10; New Nessie Photos p28


  • 04-5,11 Stay, you Imperfect Speakers by Guy L Playfair
  • 06-10 Abducted by an Archetype by Hilary Evans
    • The Problem
    • What would Charles Fort have done?
    • A clue
    • Four kinds of report
    • The significance of myth
    • Where reality starts and ends
    • Paradox to the rescue!
    • Conclusion
  • 10 Ask Aristotle by Paul Sieveking
  • 12-17 Gateways to Mystery, pt 3 by David Fideler & Bob Tarte
    • Some Archetypal Dminsions of the UFO Mythos
    • Perception, Projection, and the Paranormal
    • The Evolution of the Flying Saucer
    • A Mythopoeic Exit or Flying Saucer Symbolism Under-The-Eye
    • Acknowledgements: Jerry Clark, Loren Coleman, Anthony Nugent, Allen H. Greenfield and the entire FT staff.
  • 18-19 Man Bites Man! by Paul Sieveking
    • Chicken Girls
    • Drought and Death
    • Fossil Footprints
    • Double Takes
    • Man Bites Man




Usual Stuff



  • 44-47 Hardbacks
    • Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World by Simon Welfare & John Fairley - RJMR
    • Photographs of the Unknown by Bob Rickard & Richard Kelly - Janet Bord
    • The Dark Gods by Anthony Roberts & Geoff Gilbertson - Michael Anthony Hoffman
  • 47-52 Paperbacks
    • The UFO Handbook: A Guide to Investigating, Evaluating, and Reporting UFO Sightings by Allan Hendry - Rob Hollis Miller
    • The Dancing Wu Li Masters by Gary Zukav - Mike Crowley
    • Madoc: The Making of a Myth - The legend of the Welsh discovery of America by Gwyn A Williams - Paul Begg
    • The Wise Wound by P Shuttle & P Redgrove - RJMR
    • The Life of Milarepa translated by LP Lhalungpa - Mike Crowley
    • The Mute Strategy by Dave DeWitt - Michael Anthony Hoffman
    • Nature Detective by Hugh Falkus - RJMR
    • Schrodinger's Cat by Robert Anthony Wilson - David Sutton
    • Beyond Death by Stanislav and Christina Grof - RJMR
    • Time by Marie-Louise von Franz - RJMR
    • Zen by Anne Bancroft - RJMR
    • Worthwhile Paperback Editions
    • Subdue the Earth by Ralph Franklin Walworth
    • Oedipus and Akhnaton by Velikovsky
    • Harmonic 33 by Bruce Cathie
    • The True History of the Elephant Man by Michael Howell and Peter Ford
    • The New Soviet Psychic Discoveries by Henry Gris and William Dick
    • Voices in My Ear by Doris Stokes
    • Ghosts of Wales by Peter Underwood
    • The Necronomicon by Colin Wilson, Robert Turner, David Langford, edited by George Hay
  • 52 Booklets
    • Stars, and Rumours of Stars by Kevin and Sue McClure - RJMR
    • Rosicrucian Thoughts on the Ever-Burning Lamps of the Ancients by W Wynn Westcott - RJMR
    • Tales of the Hexham Heads by Paul Screeton - RJMR
    • Pennick's Endsville Pagan Almanack by Nigel Pennick - RJMR
    • Tunnels Under London by Nigel Pennick - RJMR


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