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Fortean Times #339 (April 2016)



  • 42 In the Land of the Chaneques - Adventures with Mexico's Little People
  • 58 Where the Wild Things Are - Can a human become an urban fox?
  • 18 Ghosts of the Tsunami - Foreign phantoms haunt Thai beaches
  • 26 Return to East Gate - Early accounts of the Rendlesham Forest UFO
  • 36 The Tell-Tale Eye - The last thing you see is your killer...


28 The Eye-Spy Teddies of Albania (Cover Story)
Protective traditions intended to ward off the power of the 'evil eye' are found throughout history and all over the world - but do they morph and adapt to the events of recent history? John Billingsley travelled to Albania, where he found scarecrows and rams' horns displaced by cuddly rabbits and tatty teds - soft toys united in a struggle against the social changes wrought by capitalism...

  • Sidebars: Evil Eyes in Architecture (photos of examples), Grilled Teddy Bears (such as on the front of garbage trucks), Evil Eye Online (how to ward off trolls?)

36 The Tell-Tale Eye
Jan Bondeson explores the history of one of the odder delusions of criminology: the notion that on the retinas of the recently murdered is captured an image of the last thing they saw - the perfect scientific evidence to catch a killer...

42 In the Land of the Chaneques
When Chris Pollard first moved to Veracrus State he was a confirmed sceptic. Since then, odd experiences and tales of close encounters with Mexico's little people have left him wondering whether the stone-throwing, trick-playing, child-stealing fairy-folk might be more real than he'd ever imagined...


56 In search of the Little Blue Man by Theo Paijmans

58 Where the wild things are by Charles Foster


48 Strange Statesmen No 10. American Psychos 3: Independents' Day by SD Tucker

52 Building a Fortean Library No 9. Paradoxography: forteana before Fort by The Hierophant's Apprentice

Strange Days

Britain's dullest men, auroral simulacra, alien sex fiends, Irish abductee, Yeti prints photographed, Thailand's angel dolls, pets that sniff out illness, black fox, deathbed dreams and visions, man/penguin love story - and much more.


  • 04 Joao and Dindim: a love story - retired bricklayer and a Magellanic penguin
  • 06 Images in the Northern Lights: God of the North and Great Green Bird
  • 08-09 Never being boring... the Dull Men's Club
  • 10-11 Alien Sex Fiends - women who claim to have had babies with aliens and Gerry Battles' abduction story
  • 12 Yeti prints in Bhutan? - strange footprints on mountain side
  • 20 Thai 'Child Angels' - Dolls with the souls of dead children called luuk thep and the more terrifying kuman thong made by necromancers
  • 22-23 Sniffing Out Illness - Pets that detected illnesses in human partners
  • Sidelines: non-extinct cranefly, faeces and urine collector, javelin sand boa, raccoon attack in Richmond District of San Francisco, half-sisters from South Korea reunited by job, Lars Monsen talks with dog through medium, owl on oil rig, Chris Massey, purple slime, moose shot at wildlife center, odd names, buggy name, wild pig living with cattle, water biscuit ovens flooded, djinn causing fires, forestry minister causes fire, Crowley house burns, man scared of spiders prompts domestic violence call



  • 02 No Normal
    • Sophie Celebrated
    • Aaron Ramsey Strikes Again!
    • Errata
      • FT336:54 Missing footnotes
      • FT338:56 Missing reference to FT224:39
      • FT338:72 Cartoon attributed incorrectly


  • 61-65 BOOKS
  • 66-68 FILM & DVD
    • The Passing directed by Gareth Bryn, Wales 2015 - Julie McNamee
    • The Brand New Testament directed by Jaco van Doemael, Belgium 2015 - Etienne Gilfillan
    • The Enfield Haunting directed by Kristoffer Nyholm, UK 2015 - David V Barrett
    • Harry Price - Ghosthunter directed by Alex Pillai, UK 2015 - Christopher Josiffe
    • Black Cats directed by Lucio Fulci and Sergio Marino, Italy 1972/1981 - Peter Laws
    • The Reverend's Review by Reverend Peter Laws
    • American Horror Project, Vol 1 directed by Matt Climber, Christopher Speeth, Robert Allan Schnitzer Cooper, US 1973-76
    • Shorts
    • Sinister 2 - Entertainment One - Daniel King
    • The Carrier - Altitude Film Entertainment - DK
    • Contracted Phase II - Primal Screen - DK


Simulacra Corner

It Happened to Me


Coming Next Month

  • Star Whackers - Is a Tinsel-Town conspiracy killing off Hollywood stars?
  • Mowing Devils - Crop circles and the hairy man of St Trinian's
  • + Demonic Divorce, Gateway to Hell, Rural Monsters, and Much More... Fortean Times 340 on sale 28 Apr 2016

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