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Fortean Times #338 (March 2016)



  • 28 The Mage Who Sold The World - The strange fascinations of David Bowie
  • 40 Is the Truth Still Out There? - The X-Files returns to our screens
  • 12 Lost Library - John Dee's books go on display
  • 04 Japan's Ghost Fares - Taxi drivers report phantom passengers
  • 14 Curious Cats - Chimaeras and other feline freaks


28 The Mage Who Sold The World (Cover Story)
From an early interest in UFOs and Aleister Crowley to flirtations with Kabbalah and Nazi mysticism, David Bowie cultivated a number of esoteric interests over the years and embraced alien and occult imagery in his costumes, songs and videos. Dean Ballinger explores the fortean aspects and influences of the late musician's career.

34 The Running Man
Chris Aubeck and Martin Shough unearth a baffling proto-UFO incident, involving a fiery anthropomorphic figure, from the early 19th century, and explain the work of Magonia Exchange, an online group dedicated to bringing fortean research into the 21st...

36 A Return to Magonia (sidebar)
Chris Aubeck argues that a global army of latter-day Charles Forts, armed with laptops and with access to the digitised archives of the world's newspapers, is transforming fortean research in the 21st century...

40 Is the Truth Still Out There?
Loren and Jenny Coleman welcome The X-Files back to our TV screens after a decade-and-a-half absence. What do Mulder and Scully have to say to us in a post-9/11 world?

44 The Cave of the Witches
According to local legend, a Chilean island was once home to a secret society of powerful warlocks who murdered their victims, kidnapped children, created terrifying monsters and were only brought to trial in the late 19th century. Mike Dash uncovers a strange story...


54 The Automatic leprechaun by Ryan Shirlow

56 Suffolk's mystery mutant moggy by Matt Salusbury


12 Special Report: Scholar, Courtier, Magician: The Lost Library of John Dee by David V Barrett

50 Strange Statesmen - No 9. American Psychos 2: Raping Ronald Reagan by SD Tucker

76 Stories from the Illustrated Police News - No 45. Succi, the fasting man by Jan Bondeson

Strange Days

Japan's phantom taxi fares, John Dee's lost library, Indian claims death by meteorite, cretinous criminals, curious cats, Harry Price traduced, ancient Greek laptop, Flat Earth rapper, ghostly photobombs, bogey beasts - and much more.



  • 02 Lazarus rising
    • Immersed in Crowley's Uniform
    • Mediaeval FT
    • Erratum
      • FT337:17 Missing title of Classical Corner
    • Cartoon by Martin Ross


  • 59-63 BOOKS
    • Red: A Natural History of the Redhead by Jacky Collis Harvey - ISBN 9781925266191 - David V Barrett
    • Amazing, Fantastic, Incredible: A Marvelous Memoir by Stan Lee, Peter David and Colleen Doran - ISBN 9781471152597 - David Sutton
    • They Exist: A Review of Key Literature on Extraterrestrial Existence by Piers Morris - ISBN 9781781489147 - Andy Roberts
    • Ten Physicists who Transformed our Understanding of Reality by Rhodri Evans & Brian Clegg - ISBN 9781472120373 - Andrew May
    • Shirley MacLaine Meets the Pleiadians: The Amazing Flying Saucer Experiences of Celebrities, Rock Stars and the Rich and Famous by Timothy Green Beckley & Sean Castell - ISBN 9781606111932 - Jay Rath
    • Stonehenge and the Neolithic Cosmos: A new look at the oldest mystery in the world by ND Wiseman - ISBN 9780692362822 - Robert Ixer
    • Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age by W Bernard Carlson - ISBN 9781400846559 - David Hambling
    • UFOs Over Poland: The Land of High Strangeness by Piotr Cielebia - ISBN 9780993492808 - Nigel Watson
    • Also Received
    • Goodbye God? An Illustrated Exploration of Science vs. Religion by Sean Michael Wilson and Hunt Emerson - ISBN 9781780262260
    • Dictionary of Ancient Magic Words: From Abraxas to Zoar by Claude Lecouteax - ISBN 9781620553749
    • Our Holographic World by Anthony Milne - ISBN 9781857568271
    • Revisiting the 'Nazi occult': Histories, Realities, Legacies edited by Monica Black and Eric Kurlander - ISBN 9781571139061
    • The UFO Dossier by Kevin D Randle - ISBN 9781578595648
    • There Must Be Evil: The Life and Murderous Career of Elizabeth Berry by Bernard Taylor - ISBN 9780715650516
    • A Colorful History of Popular Delusions by Robert E Bartholomew and Peter Hassall - ISBN 9781633881228
  • 64-66 FILM & DVD
    • Hitchcock/Truffaut directed by Kent Jones, France/US 2015 - David Sutton
    • Miss Hokusai directed by Keiichi Hara, Japan 2015 - Julie McNamee
    • Insidious Chapter 3 directed by Leigh Whannell, US 2015 - Brian J Robb
    • Dragon Blade directed by Daniel Lee, China 2015 - Daniel King
    • Maelstrom directed by David Maloney, UK 1985 - David V Barrett
    • The Reverend's Review by Reverend Peter Laws
    • The Mutilator directed by Buddy Cooper, US 1984
    • Five Dolls for an August Moon directed by Mario Bava, Italy 1970
    • Deep Red directed by Dario Argento, Italy 1975
    • Shorts
    • Deathgasm - Studiocanal - DK
    • Tripped - ITV Studios Home Entertainment - DK
    • Aaaaaaaah! - Icon Entertainment - DS


Simulacra Corner

It Happened to Me


Coming Next Month

  • Mexican Fairies - In Search of Duendes, Chaneques and Others
  • The Tell-Tale Eye - Can Murder Victims' Final Visions Catch Their Killers?
  • + Being a Beast, Demonic Divorce, Eye-Spy Teddies, and Much More... Fortean Times 339 on sale 31 Mar 2016

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