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Fortean Times #330 (August 2015)



  • 10 Tbilisi's Homeless Hippo - Flash floods leave wild animals roaming the streets of the Georgian capital
  • 20 The Art of Bedlam - Richard Dadd on display
  • 36 The Immortal Yew - In search of Britain's most ancient trees
  • 16 Celtic Hoard - A prince's treasure unearthed
  • 52 Political Animals - Idi Amin versus the talking tortoise


30 Human Lightning Rods (cover story)
For most people, being struck by lightning is not a pleasant experience, and often a fatal one. Yet some men and women have suffered repeated strikes with only minor injuries, while other claim to be healed or transformed in the process. Louis Proud looks at some survivors' stories.

36 The Immortal Yew
Yews are among our oldest trees, but just how old are Britain's yews, and do they predate the churchyards in which they stand? Steve Marshall searches for clues.

44 The Ghost and the Poet
What happened when a hard-drinking fin de siecle poet found himself the victim of an apparent haunting? Jan Bondeson throws new light on the 'Egham Case'.

46 Saving Private Forteana
A safe home is urgently needed for fortean archives. Bob Rickard explains how he found a solution in Sweden's Archive for the Unexplained.


28 Blasts from the Past - No 58. The phantom anaesthetists, part two by Theo Paijmans

50 Building a Fortean Library - No 1. Many a quaint and curious volume by The Hierophant's Apprentice

52 Strange Statesmen - No 4. Political animals: Idi Amin by SD Tucker


57 One of our sea gods is missing by Joanna Brannif

58 Hobnobbing with the hobs by Bob Fischer

Strange Days

Supercentenarian round-up, cunning canines, gateways to Hell, Sinatra haunts Vegas, floating city above Nigeria, Texas worm mystery, dreadful diets, missing time, Richard Dadd, the Met's UFO files, virgin birth sawfish - and much more.

  • 05 The Conspirasphere by Noel Rooney
  • 12 Science: The Alchemical Resurrection by David Hambling
  • 16 Archaeology by Paul Sieveking
    • Princely Tomb Found
    • High Times on Dartmoor
    • Say it with Flowers
    • Britain's Oldest Brain
  • 17 Classical Corner - 190: Not Quite The Archers by Barry Baldwin
  • 18 Ghostwatch: Ol' Blue Eyes is Back by Alan Murdie
  • 20 The Art of Bedlam: Richard Dadd by David V Barrett
  • 22 Fortean Follow-ups
    • Worms from the Skies FT328:22
    • 'Virgin-Born' Critters FT329:24
    • Animal Quake Detectors FT304:9
    • Town Councillor Alien FT288:4
  • 23 Mythconceptions - 91: Sucking Out the Poison by Mat Coward
  • 24 Necrolog
  • 25 Fairies and Folklore: Not on Your Nellie by Simon Young
  • 26 the UFO Files
  • 80 Strange Deaths



  • 02 Shocks to the System
    • Bolts From the Blue
    • Night of the Living Fox
  • Cartoon by Martin Ross


  • 61 BOOKS
    • Dragons in Zoology, Cryptozoology, and Culture by Dr Karl PN Shuker - ISBN 9781616462154 - Matt Salusbury
    • Modern Conspiracy: The Importance of Being Paranoid by Emma A Jane and Chris Fleming - ISBN 9781623560911 - Noel Rooney
    • First Light: The Origins of Newgrange by Robert Hensey - ISBN 9781782979517 - Jerry Glover
    • Danny Chaucer's Flying Saucer by Christopher Peter - ISBN 9781910571309 - Ujali Lowe (age eight)
    • Martians, Morlocks and Moon Landings: How British Science Fiction Conquered the World by Jamie Austin - ISBN 9781909125759 - Steve Toase
    • Mermaids by Sophia Kingshill - ISBN 9781908213266 - Val Stevenson
    • The Rise and Fall of Classical Greece by Josiah Ober - ISBN 9780691140919 - Barry Baldwin
    • Also Received
    • The Future of the Mind by Michio Kaku - ISBN 9780141975870
    • The Age of Earthquakes by Shuman Basar, Douglas Coupland, Hans Ulrich Obrist - ISBN 9780141979564
    • Operation Gladio by Paul L Williams - ISBN 9781616149741
    • The Immortal Mind by Ervin Lazlo with Anthony Peake - ISBN 9781620553039
  • FILM & DVD
    • Ant-Man - Director Peyton Reed, US 2015 - David Sutton
    • Maggie - Director Henry Hobson, US 2015 - Daniel King
    • Cub - Director Jonas Govaerts, Belgium 2014 - Daniel King
    • The Reverend's Review by Reverend Peter Laws
    • It Follows - Director David Robert Mitchell, US 2014
    • Contamination - Director Luigi Cozzi, Italy 1980
    • The Rev's Scary Shorts
    • The Sleeping Room - Second Sight - Rev PL
    • The Four Warriors - Metrodome - Richmond Clements
    • Horns - Lionsgate - Brian J Robb


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