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Fortean Times #329 (July 2015)



  • 51 The Enfield Poltergeist Show - What did one of the case's original investigators make of the TV dramatisation
  • 38 Wisconsin Werewolf - Linda Godfrey and the Beast of Bray Road
  • 72 Mermaids and Monsters - The International Cryptozoology Museum
  • 06 Getting the Wynd Up - A collector and his curiosities
  • 28 Blasts From the Past - The rise of the 'chloroform burglar'


26 The Morbach Monster (cover story)
Towards the end of the Cold War, some American servicemen stationed in rural Germany reported a terrifying encounter with a werewolf. Crispin Andrews travelled to the brooding fairytale forests of the Hunsruck in search of the truth about the Morbach Monster...

36 The Accidental Werewolf Chronicler
In the winter of 1991, the first stories of a werewolf stalking the area around Elkhorn, Wisconsin, reached the local newspaper and the life of one staffer was changed forever. Tea Krulos meets Linda S Godfrey, recorder of America's modern manwolves.

42 Naval Gazing
In 1782, an unknown French engineer offered an invention better than radar: the ability to detect ships hundreds of miles away. Mike Dash looks at the remarkable claims of Etinne Bottineau, the Wizard of Mauritius.


28 Blasts from the Past - No 57. The phantom anaesthetists, part one by Theo Paijmans

46 Strange Statesmen - No 3. The Celtic Fringe by SD Tucker

72 Fortean Traveller - No 101. The International Cryptozoology Museum by Paul Ross

76 Stories from the Illustrated Police News - No 40. The strange case of the Countess of Derwentwater by Jan Bondeson


51 The Enfield Poltergeist show by Guy Lyon Playfair

52 The great yarri mystery by Chris McLean

Strange Days

Stowaway snakes and parthenogenetic pythons, Roswell slides fiasco, sleeping epidemic in Kazakhstan, mouldy old ghosts, mystery trumpets and Ben Nevis screams, crows bearing gifts, career ruined by Nessie - and much more.

  • 05 The Conspirasphere by Noel Rooney
  • 06 London's Old Curiosity Shop photos by Peter MacDiarmid
  • 08 Medical Bag
    • Climb on the Wagon, Madam! - mal de debarquement syndrome (MdDs)
    • Ugh, What's That Stink? - trimethylaminuria (TMAU)
  • 14 Archaeology by Paul Devereux
    • They Walked the Earth
    • In Your Face
    • Secret Runes
    • Lost and Found Department
  • 15 Classical Corner - 189: Maybe, Baby by Barry Baldwin
  • 16 Ghostwatch: Mouldy Old Ghosts by Alan Murdie
  • 21 Alien Zoo by Karl Shuker
    • It's Star Claws!
    • Bringing a Sky Beast Down to Earth
    • A Giant Salamander in California?
  • 23 Mythconceptions - 191: The Long-Dead Heavens by Mat Coward
  • 26 The UFO Files: Flyingsorcery by Dr David Clarke and Peter Brookesmith
    • From 'Smoking Gun' to #EPICFAIL
  • 80 Strange Deaths



  • 02 All creatures great and weird
    • Dancing with Manwolves
    • Monster Museum
    • Counting Crows
    • Erratum FT328:47 neglected to add UK publisher of Rest in Pieces by Bess Lovejoy - ISBN 9780715649770


  • 55 BOOKS
    • Science in Wonderland: The Scientific Fairy Tales in Victorian Britain by Melanie Keene - ISBN 9780199662654 - Jeremy Harte
    • The Bright Labyrinth: Sex, Death and Design in the Digital Regime by Ken Hollings - ISBN 9781907222184 - Jay Rath
    • The Earth: From Myths to Knowledge by Hubert Krivine - ISBN 9781781687994 - Mark Greener
    • Fox Tossing, Octopus Wrestling & Other Forgotten Sports: The Most Dangerous & Bizarre Sports in History by Edward Brooke-Hitching - ISBN 9781471148989 - Val Stevenson
    • How UFOs Conquered the World: The History of a Modern Myth by David Clarke - ISBN 9781781313039 - David V Barrett
    • A Trojan Feast: The Food and Drink Offerings of Aliens, Faeries, and Sasquatch by Joshua Cutchin - ISBN 9781938398353 - Jerome Clark
    • The Penguin Book of Witches edited by Katherine Howe - ISBN 9780143106180 - Richard Thomas
    • Also Received
    • The Improbable Primate by Clive Finlayson - ISBN 9780199658794
    • The Exodus Reality by Scott Alan Roberts & John Richard Ward - ISBN 9781601632913
    • Conversations with History by Susan Lander - ISBN 9781781803325
    • Preparing for Contact by George Michael - ISBN 9781618613226
    • Aha! by William B Irvine - ISBN 9780199338870
    • Fortean Fiction
    • The Fifth Gospel by Ian Caldwell - ISBN 9781471111020 - David V Barrett
  • FILM & DVD
    • A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night - Director Ana Lily Amirpour, USA 2014 - Daniel King
    • Second Coming! - Director Debbie Tucker Green, UK 2014 - Julie McNamee
    • Moondial - Director Colin Cant, UK 1988 - David V Barrett
    • Jupiter Ascending - Director Wachowskis, US/UK 2015 - Daniel King
    • The Reverend's Review by Reverend Peter Laws
    • Society - Director Bryan Yuzna, US 1989
    • The Rev's Scary Shorts by Reverend Peter Laws
    • Discopath - Metrodome
    • Wyrmwood - Studiocanal
    • The Asylum - Studiocanal
    • Twisted Tales - Bulldog Films


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