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Purpose of This Website

This page is an effort to collect scans of the covers to Fortean Times Magazine. That's it. Hope you weren't expecting something more profound.

There may be a little indexing of issues here and there, but the main purpose of the page is to collect and display the covers for easy reference. Being a obsessive type of fan, who likes to index and cross-reference, I might do whatever indexing I'm able as time and desire (and living expenses) allow, but in the end, please don't expect any regular updates aside from the covers, or you will become disappointed.

  • The months given for each issue are the UK publication/pull month. Some countries may have a different month listed on the cover.
  • The author of this page has nothing to do with Fortean Times other than being a fan of the magazine (and having had letters published).

Better quality scans or missing variant covers are welcome. Readable photos or scans of contents pages will help with indexing.

Submit scans, photos or offers to help to "scans at the domain ft dot gjovaag dot com" and please mention Fortean Times in the subject line. I also accept mail at realtegan at excite.com, but I only check the account once a week and most people don't get responses sent from it.

Cover Want List

Better quality scans of the following issues would be appreciated: 40-41, 45, 49, 58-66, 68-71, 73-76, 78-80, 82, 84-86, 90-92, 97-98, 102-105, 107-108, 110-112, 114-115, 117, 119-120, 122-127, 130, 132-136, 138-139, 142-144, 147, 149-150, 152-163, 167-179, 185-187, 189-190, 192-227, 229-231, 233-263, 265-267

Subscribe to Fortean Times

Visit the official Fortean Times website to subscribe. Folks outside the UK have choices too (I use IMS News).

For discussion of the magazine, go to the official Facebook page or the unofficial Facebook page.

The author of this page gets no kick-back for directing you to these websites... if you want to thank me, send any scans I'm missing.

Index Progress