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Fortean Times #250 (Special 2009)

  • A slightly larger scan/photo of this issue's cover would be appreciated. If you happen to have access to such an image, please send it to scans at the domain ft dot gjovaag dot com with a subject of "Fortean Times Cover Scan". Thanks for your help.
  • Release date: 28 May 2009
  • Cover price: £4.25
  • US Edition has a cover price of $11.99 USA (CAN $13.25, AUS $12.95, NZ $16.90)
  • Cover: David Newton


  • 30 Jok Zottle and the Invizikids - An examination of the curious world of 'imaginary childhood friends'
  • 20 Britain's Got Ghostly Talent - The nation's best spook photos on show
  • 06 Fooling the Eye - Anamorphic street art
  • 29 Meetings with the Men In Black - Perplexing visits from the dark-suited mystery men
  • 46 A Boy's Own Advenuture - The Crypto Kid investigates


30 Jok Zottle and the Invizikids (Cover Story)
Helpful gnomes, talking cats and Thunder Cloud the laughing policement - welcome to the world of 'imaginary childhood friends'. Mike Hallowell wonders whether there's more to this widespread pheenomenon than we like to think.

40 Hoax!
What leads hoaxers to perpetrate their deceptions? In the first article in a three-part series, Peter Brookesmith and Rob Irving ponder the varied potential motives for making mischief.

46 The Crypto Kid Investigates
It's 1977, the Queen's Jubilee Year, and the Crypto Kid has just one week to solve the mystery of Loch Ness while under close parental supervision. Martin Gately casts his mind back as best he can...


51 Ancient technology by David Hambling

52 Who built that mechanism? by Jerry Glover

54 Leibniz: philosophical fortean by Mark Greener

56 Miracle at Silverstone by Guy Lyon Playfair


36 Fortean Bureau of Investigation - No 99. A curious medicine chest by Jen Ogilvie

38 Blasts from the Past - No 10. Psychic fads: table-turning by Peter Hassall

76 Fortean Traveller - No 65. Carnival, Trinidad & Tobago by Jeff Koyen

Strange Days

It's the Singer not the bomb; spectacular 3D street art; unlikely coma revivals; local councillor who saw an alien on the High Street; surviving falls from a great height; foxes decide to roost up a tree; witch-hunts get out of hand; feral children; John Michell remembered - and much more.

  • 14 Konspiracy Korner
  • 18 Archaeology
  • 19 Classical Corner
  • 20 Ghostwatch
  • 24 ABC Diary
  • 26 Necrolog
  • 28 The UFO Files



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