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Fortean Times #244 (January 2009)

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  • Release date: 11 Dec 2008
  • Cover price: £4.25
  • US Edition is dated February 2009 with a cover price of $11.99 USA (CAN $13.25, AUS $12.95, NZ $16.90)
  • Cover: Steven Wilson


  • 42 Winged Cat Gallery - A fortean searches for the story behind some fascinating photos
  • 58 Talbot's Victorian Lowbrow - Oregon's mistress of American Gothic
  • 36 UnConvention 2008 - A report from the weekend of the weird
  • 16 Just Seeing Things? - Ghosts rarely appear to TV watchers
  • 46 The Dawkins Delusion - Religion's vocal critic analysed


30 Mothership Connections (Cover Story)
What happened when rock and roll discovered flying saucers? Ian Simmons explores the relationship between the UFO phenomenon, extraterrestrial mythologies and modern music.

42 Winged Cat Gallery
Dr Karl Shuker describes his long search for an obscure set of pictures of a very rare creature, and the curious circumstances whereby some previously unknown photographs came to light.

46 The Dawkins Delusion
Peter Brookesmith weighs in with a festive contribution to an old controversy, and accuses Professor Richard Dawkins of arrogance, confusion, misrepresentation and a number of other deadly sins in the name of science.

52 Out of the Well...
In a special, feature-length edition of It Happened to Me, Jon Downes reports on some spooky goings-on in deepest Devon that are just a bit too close for comfort - a possible poltergeist at his local pub!


57 No solace in a quantum by Ian James Kidd

58 Talbot's Victorian Lowbrow by Claudia Andrei

60 Santa Claus family tree by Jeffrey Vallance


36 UnCon 2008 by Gail-Nina Anderson

40 Blasts from the Past - No 5. A pair of unlikely pets by Peter Hassall

Strange Days

Monks make mayhem at Holy Sepulchre; smallest men in the world; a new Near-Death Experience study; ancient discs' authenticity doubted; madcap memorials; palace guard catch naked swimmer; burglar's secret agent claim; snake invaders; old dogs, new dogs, canine saviours and even a miraculous healing pup - and much more.

  • 14 ABC Diary
  • 16 Ghostwatch
  • 20 Archaeology
  • 21 Classical Corner
  • 24 Konspiracy Korner
  • 27 Strange Deaths
  • 28 The UFO Files



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