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Fortean Times #188 (October 2004)

  • Release date: 20 Aug 2004
  • Cover price: £3.40
  • US Edition is dated November 2004 with a cover price of $9.50 USA (CAN $7.50)
  • Cover: Alex Tomlinson


  • 32 What's That Up in the Sky? - It's a tyre... it's a doughnut... it's... a flying saucer! Or is it?
  • 04 Mystery Beasts - American wildlife surprises the experts
  • 40 Outsider Inside - Author Colin Wilson interviewed
  • 76 Don't Lose Your Head - A visit to the modern township of Sleepy Hollow


32 Saucers from Earth (Cover Story)
Not all those flying objects could claim an ET origin. Philip Jarrett traces the history of man-made circular aircraft - no reverse engineering in sight.

40 Inside the Outsider
In an interview with Colin Wilson, author of numerous classic works on fortean topics, Gary Lachman discusses a lifetime in and out of the critics' spotlight.

44 Footprints of the Gods
From earliest times, people have felt the urge both to leave their own marks and to interpret nature in human terms. Janet Bord follows the tracks in the rocks.

46 Spirits in the Stones
Old rocker Paul Devereux describes his researches into archaeoacoustics and looks forward to being able to hear the soundtrack of the Stone Age.


76 Fortean Traveller - No 33. Sleepy Hollow, Westchester County, NY: J E Barnes spends some quiet time in Sleepy Hollow, Westchester County.


55 A Wolf Loose in Waesland - A classic fortean tale of a mystery animal on the farm.

56 The Templar Deception - A look at the background to the Solar Temple cult's claims to descent from the Knights Templar.

Strange Days

More fish falls, maritime ghosts, the art that offends, unexpected food 'additives', a monkey goes a-walking, vanishing pelicans, mermaid baby, human chimaera, Belmez house for sale - and much more.

  • 05 Extra Extra
  • 14 Science
  • 16 All The Saints
  • 18 Classical Corner
  • 19 The Heirophant
  • 19 Konspiracy Korner
  • 20 Alien Zoo
  • 22 The UFO Files
  • 29 Mythconceptions
  • 31 Strange Deaths



  • 02 Keep watching the skies!

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