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Fortean Times #186 (August 2004)

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  • Release date: 25 Jun 2004
  • Cover price: £3.40
  • US Edition is dated September 2004 with a cover price of $9.50 USA (CAN $7.50)
  • Cover: Etienne Gilfillan


  • 34 Seeing the Sights - The modern Remote Viewer adapts to a New Age
  • 50 The Goat in the Machine - The first cyborgs - creatures that go whirr in the night
  • 46 Crowing Glory - The case of the two-headed boy of Bengal
  • 14 Rescue Ward - Some truly amazing medical escapes
  • 32 Manimal Magic - the southern cousins of Sasquatch


34 Seeing is Believing (Cover Story)
Remote Viewing has taken on a new life since the days when it was part of the Spying Game. Mark Blacklock visits the Monroe Institute in the USA, while Eric Andys fails and Noel Rooney succeeds in attending RV events in London. Bob Rickard provides the historical background.

46 The Two-Headed Boy of Bengal
Twins joined at the head, and attempts to separate them, have been in the news recently. Jan Bondeson examines the case of the original two-headed boy.

50 Animal Machines
Cyborgs, part animal and part machine, were once pure science fiction, but have now started to show up in news stories. Ian Simmons reminisces about early examples.


32 Fortean Bureau of Investigation - No 59. The Texas Bigfoot. Bigfoot and the Bigfoot hunters in the Lone Star State.

76 Fortean Traveller - No 32. The Haldon Hills, Devon, England. Retracing the Devil's Hoofmarks from Mamhead to Teignmouth.


55 The Alien in Australian - Once, sea voyages were pushing the final frontier. In today's Space Age, strange tales of alien encounters seem to echo those of the past.

56 The Deciding Factor - The way we think and the mental shortcuts we take may have a basis in our evolutionary history.

Strange Days

Internet murder plea, telephone mind-control, colouring nature, Rasputin's ribald relic, Holy Grail decryption, UFOs in Mexico and Iran - and much more.

  • 05 Extra Extra
  • 13 Fortean Follow-ups
  • 16 Alien Zoo
  • 18 Classical Corner
  • 19 The Heirophant
  • 19 Konspiracy Korner
  • 23 Science
  • 24 UFOlogy
  • 26 For all the Saints
  • 28 Medical Bag
  • 30 Mythconceptions
  • 31 Strange Deaths



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It Happened to Me

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Tales from the Vault

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