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Fortean Times #177 (Special 2003)

  • A better quality of scan/photo of this issue's cover would be appreciated. If you happen to have access to such an image, please send it to scans at the domain ft dot gjovaag dot com with a subject of "Fortean Times Cover Scan". Thanks for your help.
  • Release date: 18 Oct 2003
  • Cover price: £3.20
  • US Edition has a cover price of $7.25 USA (CAN $7.50)
  • Cover: Alex Tomlinson


  • 23 Thirty Years of Forteana - How our weird world has changed
  • 18 Now It Can Be Told: A Brief History of FT - The inside story on the world's weirdest magazine

Special Features

18 Now It Can Be Told
Thirty years of Fortean Times. Founders Bob Rickard & Paul Sieveking look back at the publishing history of our esteemed journal.

23 30 Years of Forteana (Cover Story)
Our expert panel examines how the field has changed since Fortean Times was just a Rickardian brainwave.

Retrospective - Our Greatest Hits

Favourite features selected from FT's glorious past

34 The Flying Nun
A tale of translocation and religious rapture. Bob Rickard relates the story of Maria of Agreda. Originally published in Fortean Times 52.

42 Hair Today
Oriental dis-tress - Chinese hair-snipping panics as recounted by Steve Moore. Originally published in Fortean Times 39, 40, and 59.

50 Horns of Plenty
The bizarre phenomenon of humans growing horns. Strange pages of medical history from Paul Sieveking's files. Originally published in Fortean Times 43.

56 The Runamo Runes
Archaeology or plain fantasy? Sven Rosen tells how even the experts can be led astray. Originally published in Fortean Times 35.


  • 40 The Ninth Wave
  • 48 The Monsters of Achanalt
  • 49 The Phantom Diner
  • 61 Fort The Philosopher
  • 80 Treasures from the British Library

Strange Days

Even more things to do with a dead cat, a flying salmon plummets, plastic ducks go a-roaming, dogs show their tricks, burglars foiled in the act, man survives drilling and much more...

  • 08-09 Extra! Extra!
  • 17 Strange Deaths



  • 02 Many fortean returns


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  • 55

International Subscriptions

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  • 65 Books
  • 68 Film & DVD
  • 70 Games


The strangest items from FT's postbag and our favourite simulacra pics.

  • 75

Simulacra Corner

  • 78


  • 62

Coming Next Month

  • Wright or wrong? - Rival claimants to the first powered flight
  • The Dragon Project - Human consciousness and sacred sites
  • The dowsing detectives - Paranormal policing in war-time Britain
  • Fortean Times Issue 178 on sale 15 Nov 2003

Reader Info

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