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Fortean Times #322 (Christmas 2014)



  • 40 Gnomes: The Secret Life of Rien Poortvliet - The story behind a worldwide publishing sensation
  • 26 Invasion of the Black-Eyed Kids - Supernatural scares in the internet age
  • 06 Asylum - Inside the Pauper Lunatic Asylums
  • 14 Phantoms in the Brain - How a Swiss laboratory is creating ghosts
  • 46 Attack of the B-Movie Brains - Very strange cases of alien abduction


26 Invasion of the Black-Eyed Kids (Cover Story)
In the autumn of 2014, British newspapers became fixated on a new supernatural threat: Black-Eyed Children. Stuart Ferrol asks what's behind this sudden eruption of screaming ghost kids and delves into their origins.

29 Let the Right One In
Jenny Coleman searches for the cultural roots of the Black-Eyed Kids.

34 Cross Bones
Cross Bones graveyard is a unique site where the forgotten spirits of London prostitutes have been conjured back into memory. Faye Lipson unearths the cemetery's strange history and attends an unusual ritual.

40 Gnomes: The Secret World of Rien Poortvliet
Ever since Christmas 1976, people have been unwrapping a book called Gnomes and discovering its magical yet grounded world. Angeline B Adams and Remco Van Straten uncover the origins of an unlikely Dutch bestseller.

44 Santa Claus Smith
Mike Dash shares the heart-warmingly odd tale of an eccentric hobo in America's Great Depression.


24 Blasts from the Past - No 54. An Amazon of outer space by Theo Paijmans

46 Dictionary of the Damned - No 58. Abduction by aliens, part three by The Hierophant's Apprentice

72 Fortean Traveller - No. 97. Lincoln Cathedral by Ted Harrison

76 Stories from the Illustrated Police News - No 35. The haunted murder house near Chard by Jan Bondeson


51 That tingly feeling... by Ian 'Cat' Vincent

52 'Skeptics' and believing unbelievers by David V Barrett

Strange Days

Hunt for the Disneyland Tiger, Unidentified Submarine Objects, the thing under the floorboards, Nessie news, Italy's cursed senator, another Lost Gospel, clown scares continue, funding for Danish trolls - and much more.

  • 05 The Conspirasphere by Noel Rooney
  • 14 Ghostwatch by Alan Murdie
    • What Black Eyes You Have!
    • Neuroscientific Phantoms
  • 16 Fortean Follow-ups
  • 17 Alien Zoo by Karl Shuker
    • Fangs are what they Used to be
    • Photos of Yeti Prints Sold
    • New Frog in New York
  • 19 Mythconceptions - 183: Are We Keeping You Up? by Mat Coward
  • 20 Necrolog
    • Andrew Kerr
    • Kenny Kingston
    • Joan Quigley
  • 21 Fairies and Folklore: Piskey Battles by Simon Young
  • 22 The UFO Files
  • 80 Strange Deaths



  • 02 A very Yeti Christmas
  • Fairy Census Update
  • A New Crypto-Journal
  • Alex's Seasonal Art Sale (by Alex Tomlinson)


  • 55 BOOKS
    • Aleister Crowley: Magick, Rock and Roll, and the Wickedest Man in the World by Gary Lachman - ISBN 9780399161902 - Phil Baker
    • Aleister Crowley: The Beast in Berlin by Tobias Churton - ISBN 9781620552568 - Phil Baker
    • Tiger Woman: My Story by Betty May - ISBN 9780715648551 - Phil Baker
    • A Slip of the Keyboard: Collected Non-Fiction by Terry Pratchett - ISBN 9780857521224 - Richard Thomas
    • Magic in Christianity: From Jesus to Gnostics by Robert Conner - ISBN 9781906958619 - David V Barrett
    • Hikey Sprites: The Twilight of a Norfolk Tradition by Ray Loveday - ISBN 9780900616990 - Paul Sieveking
    • How Sexual Desire Works: The Enigmatic Urge by Frederick Toates - ISBN 1107688043 - Mark Greener
    • The Language Myth: Why Language is not an Instinct by Vyvyan Evans - ISBN 9781107619753 - Noel Rooney
    • Dirty Old London: The Victorian Fight Against Filth by Lee Jackson - ISBN 9780300192056 - Lucy R Fisher
    • Also Received
    • DNA of the Gods by Chris H Hardy - ISBN 9781591431855
    • The Sacred History by Jonathan Black - ISBN 9781780874876
    • A Brief History of Death by WM Spellman - ISBN 9781780232652
    • Fortean Fiction by David Sutton
    • The Motherless Oven by Rob Davis - ISBN 9781906838812
    • Ordinary by Rob Williams and D'Israeli - ISBN 9781782760092
  • FILM & DVD
    • Insterstellar - Director Christopher Nolan, US 2014 - Etienne Gilfillan
    • Out of the Unknown - created by Irene Shubik, UK 1965-71 - David V Barrett
    • Out of This World: Little Lost robot - created by Irene Shubik, UK 1962 - David V Barrett
    • The Reverend's Review by Reverend Peter Laws
    • Blacula: The Complete Collection - Director William Crain, Bob Kelljan, US 1972/1973
    • Shorts
    • Day of the Mummy - Image Entertainment - Daniel King
    • Debug - Signature Entertainment - DK
    • Natural Born Killers - Warner Home Video - DS


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