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Fortean Times #185 (July 2004)

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  • Release date: 28 May 2004
  • Cover price: £3.40
  • US Edition is dated August 2004 with a cover price of $9.50 USA (CAN $7.50)
  • Cover: Corbis


  • 4,6-7 Fairy Formations - The mystery circles of the Namibian desert
  • 28 Mind Games - An exclusive interview with Derren Brown
  • 38 Bodyguard of Lies - Hoaxing Hitler - the secret story of the D-Day deception
  • 34 The Senders - Spam from outer space
  • 46 Magic Goes to War - Conjurors in the combat zone


38 Bodyguard of Lies (Cover Story)
60 years ago, a vast armada of men and machines set out to invade Hitler's Fortress Europe. David Sutton tells the story of the secret army of deceivers and double agents who fought the secret war behind the D-Day landings.

28 The Modern Mentalist
TV's master of mind control Derren Brown is interviewed by Jack Phoenix.

46 Magic Goes to War
The art of warfare is not all smoke and mirrors, but magic has shown up in the military bag of tricks. Gordon Rutter unveils the secret behind the tricks.


34 Fortean Bureau of Investigation - No 59. Charles B Horn and 'Sender theory'.

53 Dictionary of the Damned - No 1. The Cosmic Joker


57 Legacy of Hope - A look back at the life and death of Wally Hope, the man who brought the fun back to Stonehenge.

58 Costume Drama - A new book has been re-heating the controversy over the Patterson Bigfoot film.

Strange Days

Map-reading pigeons, Sicilian fires return, teens from the wilderness, guerrilla art, dancing tea plant, April Foolishness, Jesus's face on a cat - and much more.

  • 05 Extra Extra
  • 13 Fortean Follow-ups
  • 14 Alien Zoo
  • 18 Classical Corner
  • 19 The Heirophant
  • 19 Konspiracy Korner
  • 20 Archaeology
  • 22 For all the Saints
  • 24 UFOlogy
  • 26 Mythconceptions
  • 27 Strange Deaths



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