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Fortean Times #171 (June 2003)

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  • Release date: 03 May 2003
  • Cover price: £3.20
  • US Edition is dated July 2003 with a cover price of $7.25 USA (CAN $7.50)
  • Cover: Getty Images/Tim MacPherson


  • 06 Wonderwebs - Spiders get busy
  • 48-53 Are Fiends Electric? - The shocking story of Iverson Cottage
  • 65 The Jung Ones - Win a copy of the wonderful Primal
  • 05 Goodbye, Columbia - Space shuttle symbolism and synchronicity


34 The Twin Thing (Cover Story)
Indentical twins have often exhibited abilities suggestive of telepathy, but scientists have remained unimpressed. Guy Lyon Playfair argues that his own experiments provide the best evidence to date.

39 Attack of the Pod People (sidebar)
As alike as two peas! Bob Rickard reviews some recent accounts of twins in the light of Guy Lyon Playfair's 'twin telepathy' theory.

42 That Synching Feeling
Lucia Ring-Watkins examines Jung's theory of an acausal connecting principle - otherwise known as synchronicity.

46 The black tide of mud... (sidebar)
David Sutton argues that Jung's theory of synchronicity was partly fuelled by his life-long interest in the paranormal - an interest that contributed to his split with Freud and guided much of his later life and work.

48 Shock to the System
Why was a Somerset pensioner plagued by weird electrical phenomena and mysterious men-in-blakc? Bill Love investigates.


54 The Story That Crow Told Me - Jeffry Vallance on portents of war

56 The Recording Sponge - William & John Sutton on a forgotten communication


26 In the Days of the Comet - Mark Pilkington on a comet-fuelled panic

76 Fortean Traveller - No 21. Beehive Stones, Bukkalja, Hungary - Tom Chrystal on Hungary's Beehive stones.

Strange Days

Lettuce-hating Yezidies in peril, shuttle synchronicities, twig in lung, oarfish landed, wonder-webs, spontaneous human combustion, talking animals, Belgian beetle art, Marian apparations and much more.

  • 05 Extra Extra
  • 14 UFOlogy
  • 16 Classical Corner
  • 17 The Heirophant
  • 17 Konspiracy Korner
  • 18 Science
  • 24 Archaeology
  • 28 Alien Zoo
  • 31 Medical Bag
  • 32 Mythconceptions
  • 33 Strange Deaths



  • 02 Sixth sense and synchronicity


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  • Riding the deathline - London's Necropolis Railway
  • Weirdness on the waves - Great maritime mysteries
  • UnConvention 2003 - Full coverage of our annual Fort-fest
  • Fortean Times Issue 172 on sale 31 May 2003

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