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Fortean Times #311 (February 2014)

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Strange Days

Raining bats and body parts; river of molten caramel; dog disappearing acts; cookie monster sponge; bleeding from the eyes; little white ligers; pets that look like Hitler; fish attacks; haunted hospitals - and much more.

  • 15 Alien Zoo
  • 16 Ghostwatch
  • 18 Archaeology
  • 19 Classical Corner
  • 21 Konspiracy Korner
  • 23 Mythconceptions
  • 25 Strange Deaths
  • 26 The UFO Files


  • 46 Sex Ghosts of Sicily - Gropers, panty-snatchers and self-abusers from beyond the grave
  • 38 Droning On - Musical highs through drones
  • 76 Phantom Pets - Readers' spooky tales of cats and dogs
  • 42 Chiming In - Brainwaves, harmonics and windchimes
  • 27 Haunted Skites - Elsie Oakensen's close encounter


30 The House of Major Weir (Cover Story)
Jan Bondeson turns detective in an effort to shed some new light on Edinburgh's most haunted house - and finds that, contrary to local belief, the abode of Weir the Warlock still stands today.

38 Sounds Eternal 1: Droning On
Jimmy Billingham examines the mind-altering properties of the sustained musical drone, from the ancient world to contemporary minimalism and club culture

42 Sounds Eternal 2: Chiming In
Steve Marshall travelled to Woodstock to talk brainwaves and harmonics with award-winning percussionist and windchime maker Garry Kvistad.

46 Sex Ghosts of Sicily
Dr Paul Koudounaris meets 'Il Pene Grande', 'Il Masturbatore' and the other post-mortem perverts inhabiting the catacombs beneath a Palermo monastery.


28 Blasts from the Past - No 49. The Devil Kid of Newburg

50 Dictionary of the Damned - No 54. Fortean Machines

48 First Forteans - No 4. Eric Frank Russell: Part One


57 No country for old snakes by Shane Cochrane

58 King Arthur's Loco Reserve by Roy Bainton


02 Editorial

61 Reviews

  • FILM & DVD

73 Letters

76 It Happened to Me

80 Phenomenomix

78 Reader Info


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