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Fortean Times #240 (September 2008)

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  • Release date: 21 Aug 2008
  • Cover price: £4.25
  • US Edition is dated October 2008 with a cover price of $11.99 USA (CAN $13.25, AUS $12.95, NZ $16.90)
  • Cover: Alex Tomlinson, clouds by Michel Flion, image manipulation by Etienne Gilfillan


  • 34 Aeronauts from the Future - Witness accounts of flying platforms and rocketmen
  • 66 The Men Behind the X-Files - Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz speak to FT
  • 40 Time Storms - Exploring temporal anomalies
  • 76 The Mountain of Truth - Anarchists, artists, veggies and naturists
  • 46 The Apocalypse Addicts - John Titor: time traveller


34 Aeronauts from the Future (Cover Story)
Peter Hassall is bemused by reports from around the world of flying time-travellers employing unknown technology. In the first instalment of his two-part article, he considers accounts of floating platforms and jet-pack men.

40 Time Storms
Odd mists, physical injuries and weird jumps in time... Jenny Randles goes in search of a strange and misunderstood phenomenon, until now buried in the UFO literature - although, she argues, it has nothing to do with alien encounters.

46 The Apocalypse Addicts
Back in 2000, a self-proclaimed time-traveller called John Titor arrived on the Internet. His story had everything - nuclear war, exotic computer hardware, and the threat of death from contaminated beef products. Richard Leon reveals the history of the future, as told by TimeTravel_0.


55 In praise of voodoo by Ian James Kidd

56 Origins of the witch's familiar by Emma Wilby


66 Meeting the Men Behind the X-Files - Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz interviewed by Mark Pilkington

76 Fortean Traveller - No 59. Mountain of Truth by Gary Lachman

Strange Days

Monster all washed up on Montauk beach; African albinos murdered for magical charms; life spark brings people back from the dead; Apollo astronaut's ET visitation claims; avian antics; sexual obsessions with the Berlin Wall, the Eiffel Tower and automobiles; Yeti hairs, Canadian Bigfoot and a Russian man-being - and much more.

  • 14 ABC Diary
  • 16 Ghostwatch
  • 20 Archaeology
  • 21 Classical Corner
  • 24 Konspiracy Korner
  • 26 Medical Bag
  • 30 Necrolog
  • 31 Strange Deaths
  • 32 The UFO Files



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UnCon Registration

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It Happened to Me

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Tales from the Vault

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