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Fortean Times #215 (October 2006)

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  • Release date: 21 Sep 2006
  • Cover price: £3.80
  • US Edition is dated November 2006 with a cover price of $10.50 USA (CAN $12.25)


  • 28 Star Trek 40th Anniversary Special - How Gene Roddenberry was hired to prepare Earth for an alien invasion; the science of Star Trek; Klingon speakers and a visit to the strange world of the Star Trek convention
  • 50 Shade Descending a Staircase - Reassessing a famous ghost photograph
  • 54 9/11: The Video - A new kind of conspiracy theory

Star Trek Special (Cover Story)

28 From Deep Space to the Nine
What happened when Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry was hired by an occult organisation to write a movie preparing humankind for first contact with aliens? David Sutton examines the strange history of Lab Nine, Spectra and The God-Thing.

34 The Science of Star Trek
NASA physicist David Allen Batchelor offers his personal view of the feasibility of Star Trek 's scientific basis and the possible future for its technology.

38 Do You Speak Klingon?
Star Trek's most popular aliens have triggered the development of an artificial language. Jen Ogilvie explores the world of the Klingon tongue and those who speak it.

44 Conventional Wisdom
David Sutton boldly goes where no FT editor has gone before: undercover at a Star Trek convention. His three-day mission: to seek out the meaning of a modern cultural phenomenon enjoying its 40th anniversary.


50 Photographing Phantoms
The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall has been held up as convincing evidence for spectral forms. FT's ghostwatcher Alan Murdie re-examines long-forgotten files and reaches his own conclusions.

54 9/11: The Video
It is now five years since the terrorist attacks on New York's World Trade Center and Jack Sargeant finds many alternative explanations on the Internet, video and DVD.

Strange Days

More man evicted; nine months adrift in the Pacific; adopt-a-hippo; marine invaders; relics do the rounds; suburban ghosts and polts; unlikely returns; tomcat chases bear up tree; Dartmoor sheep sacrifice; Bigfoot photo; Red Mercury terrorism plot in court - and much more.

  • 13 Science
  • 15 Mythconceptions
  • 16 Alien Zoo
  • 19 Classical Corner
  • 21 The Heirophant
  • 22 Ghostwatch
  • 24 Necrolog
  • 25 Strange Deaths
  • 26 The UFO Files



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