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Fortean Times #391 (Apr 2020)

  • Release date: 26 Mar 2020
  • Cover price: £4.60
  • All header icons throughout the magazine by Capucine Deslouis


  • 10 Nepalese yeti row
  • 20 Monsters washed ashore
  • 38 The close encounter of Juan Pérez
  • 42 Trickster spirits: are poltergeists having a laugh?


32 The London Monster (cover story)
Fresh from filming a new documentary on the subject, Jan Bondeson and Dennis Mohr attempt to apprehend the buttock-stabbing phantom attacker who terrorised the capital.

38 The Gaucho Also Cries
Alan Stivelman discusses his film Witness of Another World', the true story of a 1978 close encounter, with Mark Pilkington

42 Blithe Spirits
SD Tucker compares the poltergeist to the age-old mythological figured of the Trickster, and asks what such entities are trying to tell us through their mischievous pranks.

48 That Haunting Melody
Just in time for Record Store Day, collector Graham Sharpe follows his obsession with vinyl into the weird world of haunted record shops, possessed CD players and discs of the dead.


52 Building a Fortean Library - Lost Continents The Hierophant's Apprentice

76 Peculiar Postcards - Billy, the most gigantic pig alive Jan Bondeson


55 The exorcism of Loch Ness by Richard Freeman

56 Cockroach farming in China by CM Saunders

Strange Days

A digest of the worldwide weird, including: white van panic, hooligan crow, smelly giant, weeping BVMs and much more...

  • 05 The Conspirasphere
  • 14 Ghostwatch
  • 20 Alien Zoo
  • 23 Mythconceptions
  • 24 Strange Continent
  • 30 The UFO Files


  • 02 Editorial
  • 59 Reviews
  • 71 Letters
  • 78 Reader Info
  • 79 Phenomenomix
  • 80 Strange Deaths

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