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Fortean Times #224 (July 2007)

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  • Release date: 31 May 2007
  • Cover price: £3.99
  • US Edition is dated August 2007 with a cover price of $11.25 USA (CAN $12.95)
  • Cover Image: Owen Richardson


  • 44 Claws Out in the Outback - Alien big cat sightings and attacks in a land Down Under
  • 04 Hunt Ends for the "Black Jesus" - Papua New Guinea cult leader in custory again
  • 58 A Vacant Chair Awaits - Koestler's psychic legacy
  • 26 Worshipping the Antichrist - Preacher adopts Number of the Beast
  • 48 Scandalous Art of the Witch - The occultist who shocked Australia


33 Big Cats on the Prowl (Cover Story)
It's been a while since FT last reported on Britain's alien big cat sightings. In our bumper ABC supplement, Merrily Harpur looks back over the last few years of ABC activity, while Jen Ogilvie collects the feline facts from the mountain of newsclippings sent in by readers.

44 Cats in the Bag?
Australia is rich in zoological oddities found nowhere else on the planet, but although the subcontinent can boast many fascinating creatures, big cats do not number among them. So why do reports of mysterious sightings, inexplicable stock predation and strange roars in the night continue to pour in? Ruby Lang and Michael Williams investigate.

48 The Witch of Kings Cross
Jack Sargeant explores the dual worlds of art and magic inhabited by the Antipodes' most famous occultist, Rosaleen Norton, whose life and work attracted little more than scandal and harassment in the respectable world of 1950s Australia.


57 The road of the dead by Stefan Beck

58 One of our professors is missing by Guy Lyon Playfair


30 Britian's X-Files - No 9. The French UFO project by David Clarke

Strange Days

Black Jesus accused of cannibalism; Pope John Paul II's miracle cure claim; a new stigmatic healer; curious contraband; goblins and fairies in the news; more haunted pubs plus graveyard vigil; Britain's latest big cat reports; new theory of pyramid construction; abandoned boat and displaced persons; the 666 cult - and much more.

  • 13 Science
  • 14 Ghostwatch
  • 15 Mythconceptions
  • 16 ABC Diary
  • 20 Archaeology
  • 21 Classical Corner
  • 24 Konspiracy Korner
  • 28 Necrolog
  • 29 Strange Deaths



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