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Fortean Times #201 (September 2005)

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  • 32 Situation Paranormal - We review the current status of psychical research and the Koestler Parapsychology Unit
  • 54 Sounds and Spirits - The curious life and death of Joe Meek
  • 07 London Bombings Foretold - Painting from the Thirties predicted 7/7
  • 42 Away With The Fairies - Communing with Iceland's Hidden People
  • 16 Fishion Statement - Woman who smuggled fish under her skirt


32 Koestler's Legacy (Cover Story)
This year is both the centenary of writer Arthur Koesler's birth and the 20th anniversary of Edinburgh University's Koestler Parapsychology Unit, funded by his generous endowment. Following the crisis caused by the untimely death of the first Koestler Professor, Bob Morris, Paul Devereux assesses the current status of research into the paranormal.

42 The Land of the Hidden People
Surveys reveal that more than half of Icelanders believe in another reality beyond the day-to-day. Claire Smith attends the Elf School to learn from those who believe the Hidden People are all around us.


53 Blood on the snow: the assassination of Olof Palme - Dr Jan Bondeson

54 The sound and the fury: Joe Meek - Jen Ogilvie

56 Wild woman of Texas - Nick Redfern


40 Britian's X-Files - No 7. The House of Lords UFO debate.

48 Dictionary of the Damned - No 7. Flying saucers and UFOs.

76 Fortean Traveller - Clapham Wood.

Strange Days

  • 14 Science
  • 19 Mythconceptions
  • 21 Classical Corner
  • 22 Medical Bag
  • 26 Necrolog
  • 27 Strange Deaths
  • 28 The UFO Files



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