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* Special Correspondent - [[FT317]], [[FT318]], [[FT319]], [[FT320]], [[FT321]], [[FT322]], [[FT323]], [[FT324]], [[FT325]], [[FT326]], [[FT327]], [[FT328]], [[FT329]], [[FT330]], [[FT331]], [[FT332]], [[FT333]], [[FT334]], [[FT335]], [[FT336]], [[FT337]], [[FT338]]
* Special Correspondent - [[FT036]], [[FT317]], [[FT318]], [[FT319]], [[FT320]], [[FT321]], [[FT322]], [[FT323]], [[FT324]], [[FT325]], [[FT326]], [[FT327]], [[FT328]], [[FT329]], [[FT330]], [[FT331]], [[FT332]], [[FT333]], [[FT334]], [[FT335]], [[FT336]], [[FT337]], [[FT338]], [[FT339]]
* Clipper - [[FT319]], [[FT322]], [[FT329]], [[FT330]], [[FT331]], [[FT333]], [[FT337]]
* Clipper - [[FT030]], [[FT031]], [[FT032]], [[FT033]], [[FT034]], [[FT035]], [[FT036]], [[FT319]], [[FT322]], [[FT329]], [[FT330]], [[FT331]], [[FT333]], [[FT337]]
* [[FT030]]:08 Out of Place - More Alien Animals Clipping Credit
* [[FT030]]:13 Plants - Vegetable Astronauts Clipping Credit
* [[FT030]]:18 Synchronicities - Twin Sets Clipping Credits
* [[FT030]]:21 Freaks - Scrambled Eggs Clipping Credits
* [[FT030]]:24 Lightnings - Unlucky Strikes Clipping Credit
* [[FT031]]:32 Heavens Above - New in Space Clipping Credit
* [[FT031]]:33 Antiquities - Luck Dips Clipping Credit
* [[FT031]]:37 Synchronicities - Name Games Clipping Credit
* [[FT031]]:55 Truss Fund
* [[FT031]]:55 Truss Fund

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