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Fortean Times #403 (March 2021)



  • 32 Hearken to the Witches Rune
  • 48 Leibniz and the levitating monk
  • 53 Jon Pertwee's ghostly encounter
  • 74 The flying column of Bari


32 Casting the Runes (cover story)
In 1970, Dave and Toni Arthur recorded Hearken to the Witches Rune, an occult-themed LP of folk songs. Fifty years on, the album has gained cult status, but its gestation and legacy are just as extraordinary as the music itself, stretching from the rituals of "King of the Witches" Alex Sanders to children's TV favourites Play School and Play Away. Dave and Toni reminisce with Bob Fischer.

38 Echoes and Angels: UFOs on Radar
Dramatic accounts of sightings by US pilots have placed radar evidence for UFOs in the media spotlight. But as David Clarke explains, what radar detects is open to interpretation.

44 Leibniz and the Flying Monk
Did one of the major thinkers of the Enlightenment really meet the celebrated levitating monk St Joseph of Cupertino? Bob Rickard looks at the evidence and asks 'What if?'


74 Fortean Traveller - Mysterious Bari Christopher Josiffe

77 Peculiar Postcards - Bordeverry, the master marksman Jan Bondeson


53 The weirdest ghosts of all? Richard Freeman

54 Sifting the debris of Roswell Nigel Watson

Strange Days

A digest of the worldwide weird, including: Dyatlov Pass revisited, Robowolves, dancing starlings and medical impostors...

  • 12 Archæology
  • 14 Science
  • 18 Ghostwatch
  • 23 Alien Zoo
  • 24 Conspirasphere
  • 30 The UFO Files


  • 02 Editorial
  • 57 Reviews
  • 67 Letters
  • 78 Reader Info
  • 79 Phenomenomix
  • 80 Strange Deaths


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