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Fortean Times #395 (August 2020)



  • 13 Colours out of space
  • 15 Viking chess
  • 26 Miracles in the time of coronavirus
  • 46 Erwin Saunders: pixie hunter


32 Effects, Lies & Videotape: Alien Autopsy (cover story)
Twenty five years ago, Ray Santilli claimed he possessed proof that ET had visited Earth. Stu Neville goes back to the 1990s to untangle the strange story of the alien autopsy film...

37 Alien Autopsy: The Interview
Nigel Watson talks to ufologist and author Philip Mantle about his long search for the truth behind the Santilli footage.

42 The Man Who Would Be Q
Noel Rooney explores the curious world of Austin Steinbart, who claims to be the elusive conspiracy theory icon 'Q'.

46 Erwin Saunders: Pixie Hunter
Bob Fischer loses himself in the gently beguiling world of Erwin Saunders, the man who has captured conclusive video evidence of England's fairy folk... and uploaded it to YouTube.