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Fortean Times #389 (Feb 2020)

  • Release date: 30 Jan 2020
  • Cover price: £4.50
  • Cover Illustration: Quinton Winter
  • Tinfoil Hat Photo: Bridget Bennett/AFP via Getty Images
  • All header icons throughout the magazine by Capucine Deslouis


  • 4 Occult Crime, Pagan policemen and a Todmorden mystery
  • 6 Back from the dead: Fabrice Muamba and other modern Lazaruses
  • 10 Christmas stowaways
  • 48 Japan's Happy Science


32 The Terrifying World of Jack Chick (cover story)
Peter Laws explores the work of the shy cartoonist who flooded the world with visions of Hell and theories of demonic conspiracy in an attempt to scare sinners into seeing the light.

40 Into the Darkling Wood
David Hambling catches up with legendary SF writer Brian Stableford to talk about his long career and the interplay between science and strange phenomena.

42 Brides, Bridges and Spacemen
Rob Gandy returns with more real-life stories, including ghostly brides falling from bridges and a spacement on a high-tech motorcycle who may have been a ghost from the future...


30 Blasts from the Past - Machen and the Manikin of the Mine Theo Paijmans

48 Strange Statesmen - If you're happy and you know it, bomb Korea SD Tucker

56 Building a Fortean Library - 100 Proofs of a flat Earth The Hierophant's Apprentice


53 The digital triangle by Ulrich Magin

52 Suspicious types by Noel Rooney

Strange Days

A digest of the worldwide weird, including: Occult crimes, advent owl, ancient fake news, life on Mars, and much more...

  • 12 Science
  • 14 Archaeology
  • 18 Ghostwatch
  • 23 Mythconceptions
  • 24 Alien Zoo
  • 28 The UFO Files


  • 02 Editorial
  • 59 Reviews
  • 71 Letters
  • 78 Reader Info
  • 79 Phenomenomix
  • 80 Strange Deaths

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