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Fortean Times #372 (Nov 2018)



  • 30 The Mississippi submarine and the little brown men
  • 32 Churchill's secret war
  • 40 Spellbound: Magic, Ritual and Witchcraft
  • 55 Bad press for black cats


32 Churchill's Secret War (cover story)
Millions of words have been written about British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. David Clarke examines the great statesman's curiosity about unexplained phenomena, a subject that recurred throughout his long career.

40 Spellbound: Magic, Ritual & Witchcraft
Malcolm Gaskill, one of the curators of a new exhibition at Oxford's Ashmolean Museum, reflects on how the artefacts and images on display link the inner lives of human beings to a magical Universe animated by our hopes and fears.

46 The Perils of Polyglot EVP Research
According to the proponents of electronic voice phenomena, the dead want to communicate with us: so much so that they speak in languages we are familiar with. Benjamin Radford finds only circular logic and faulty methodology at work.


50 Strange Statesmen - The Misappliance of Science SD Tucker

58 Building a Fortean Library - The Entity Letters The Hierophant's Apprentice


55 Bad press for black cats by David Hambling

56 Wrecking ball in the demon house by Sharon A Hill

Strange Days

A digest of the worldwide weird, including: Snake outbreak, healing spring, Morgellons mystery, Ig Nobels 2018 and more.

  • 05 The Conspirasphere
  • 12 Archæology
  • 16 Ghostwatch
  • 21 Alien Zoo
  • 25 Mythconceptions
  • 28 The UFO Files


  • 02 Editorial
  • 61 Reviews
  • 73 Letters
  • 78 Reader Info
  • 79 Phenomenomix
  • 80 Strange Deaths

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