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Fortean Times #368 (Jul 2018)



  • 10 'Mad' Mike Hughes: Flat Earth rocketeer
  • 30 Rise of the robots: from pulp science fiction to the modern home
  • 36 Life after decapitation
  • 44 Nora Hollis: Mad about God


30 Rise of the Robots (cover story)
David Hambling takes a look at the rapid development of robotics in recent years, and wonders how the robots' journey from the pages of scienc fiction into our homes and workplaces, our roads and skies, will transform the world we live in.

36 Portrait of the Artist as a Severed Head
Antoine Wiertz was a painter who believed the head of a guillotined person would live on after being severed from the body. Jan Bondeson tells the story of an artist drawn to the macabre and a medical delusion that persisted through the 19th century.

44 Mad About God
Robert Damon Schneck unearths the forgotten story of Nora Hollis, who committed murder to publicise a bizarre religious pamphlet in which se argued that the God of the Bible was, in fact, "Satan, the Evil One", bent on torturing humanity.


50 Strange Statesmen - Homo Economics SD Tucker

56 Building a Fortean Library - Three sides to every story The Hierophant's Apprentice


53 Misremembrance of things past by Chris Saunders

54 The mermaid of Deerness by Ulrich Magin

Strange Days

A digest of the worldwide weird, including: Flat Earth news, relic round-up, malevolent mists, and Guy Lyon Playfair remembered.

  • 16 Archæology
  • 17 Classical Corner
  • 20 Ghostwatch
  • 23 Mythconceptions
  • 24 Necrolog
  • 26 The UFO Files


  • 02 Editorial
  • 59 Reviews
  • 73 Letters
  • 78 Reader Info
  • 79 Phenomenomix
  • 80 Strange Deaths

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