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(Fortean Times #340 (May 2016))
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<center>[[FT339|Previous Issue]] <!-- [[FT341|Next Issue]]--></center>
<center>[[FT339|Previous Issue]] -- [[FT341|Next Issue]]</center>
==Fortean Times #340 (May 2016)==
==Fortean Times #340 (May 2016)==
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<center>[[FT339|Previous Issue]] <!-- [[FT341|Next Issue]]--></center>
<center>[[FT339|Previous Issue]] -- [[FT341|Next Issue]]</center>
[[Category:Rendlesham Forest]]
[[Category:Rendlesham Forest]]

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Fortean Times #340 (May 2016)


Star Whackers - Is a Tinsel-Town conspiracy killing off Hollywood stars? Mowing Devils - Crop circles and the hairy man of St Trinian's + Demonic Divorce, Gateway to Hell, Rural Monsters, and Much More...


  • 06 The Joy of Soviet Bus Stops - Architectural gems in unexpected places
  • 38 The Secrets of Don Quixote - Hidden meanings in a literary masterpiece
  • 70 It Happened To Me! - An encounter with Slenderman
  • 72 Fortean Traveller - In search of St Teilo's wandering skull
  • 18 Ghostwatch - The Black Dogs of East Anglia


32 The Star Whackers (Cover Story)
Whacked-out delusion or Tinseltown conspiracy? Someone is killing Hollywood's biggest star names, and only actor Randy Quaid knows the truth - or does he? Brian J Robb explores the 'Star Whackers' conspiracy.

38 The Secrets of Don Quixote
Miguel de Cervantes died 400 years ago, leaving behind a literary classic - but do secret messages and hidden meanings lurk beneath its surface? Maria J Perez Cuervo uncovers the man behind the masterpiece and what he might have been trying to tell us...

42 Eureka: Edgar Allan Poe and the Mystery of Neptune's Moons
How did Edgar Allan Poe know that the planet Neptune had multiple moons long before they were observed by scientists? Alan Murdie searches for the source of the writer's apparently supernatural astronomical insight...


51 Divorce your demons by Rev Peter Laws

52 The Hairy Man of St Trinian's by Chris Josiffe


30 Blasts from the Past No 62. Firestarter

46 Strange Statesmen No 11. American Psychos 4: A kook in every home

72 Fortean Traveller No 106. St Teilo's Well, Pembrokeshire

76 Stories from the Illustrated Police News No 46. The strange tale of Professor Beaurigard

Strange Days

Shakespeare's skull stolen, funeral surprises, mysterious sounds, black dog encounters, year's oddest book titles, SIberian hermit's airlift, mesolithic 'eco-house', hell house demolish, daft rural monsters - and much more.


  • 04 The Bard's Missing Head
  • 06-07 Soviet Bus Stops
  • 08 What's that sound? - mystery noises
  • 09 The appeal of the odd - Diagram Prize



  • 02 Star Whackers from Outer Space
    • Tinseltown Meltdown
    • A Feast of Folklore
    • Errata
      • FT336:72 Cahir in Co Tipperary
      • FT338:25 Navel raiders
      • FT339:10 First Massey was 32, not 22
      • FT339:18 Fraudulent Mediums Act was passed in 1951, not 1954
      • FT339:25 "Pot-traumatic stress disorder" should be "Post-traumatic stress disorder"


  • 55-59 BOOKS
  • 60-62 FILM & DVD


It Happened to Me


Coming Next Month

  • Avebury Unveiled - New discoveries from the world's largest stone circle
  • Atomic-Consciousness - The strange synchronicities of 'James Bathurst'
  • + UFO Crashes, Ketamine Conmatrix, Raining Fish in Oz, and Much More...
  • Fortean Times 341 on sale 26 May 2016

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