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(Fortean Times #327 (May 2015))
(Fortean Times #327 (May 2015))
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* Cover: [[Jonathan Irish]]/Getty Images
* Cover: [[Jonathan Irish]]/Getty Images
* Additional Image Work: [[Etienne Gilfillan]]
* Additional Image Work: [[Etienne Gilfillan]]
* Digital editions: [https://www.zinio.com/www/browse/issue.jsp?skuId=416338803&offerId=500358107&subscription=true#/ Zinio version] --- [http://www.magzter.com/GB/Dennis-Publishing/Fortean-Times/Entertainment/98854 Magzter]

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Fortean Times #327 (May 2015)



  • 24 If You Go Down to the Woods Today... Clampdown on fairy builders in a Somerset woodland
  • 34 Unlocking the Cage - Life in England's "most haunted house"
  • 06 Fort's Mad Fishmonger - Belfast road covered in mackerel
  • 20 Blood Moon Rising - And other strange aerial portents
  • 28 Obama on UFOlogy - The President's alien secrets


30 Harbinger Ghosts (cover story)
You're sitting up late waiting for your husband, when at long last you hear his footsteps outside. He turns the key in the lock, opens the door and enters the house. You call to ask if he's OK... and there's no one there. You just had a visit from a vardoger, the friendly ghost of the Nordic countries, as Nils Erik Grande explains...

34 Unlocking the Cage
What has been described as "the most haunted house in England" is up for sale after scaring off its owner, who then opened it up to paranormal investigators. Ghost hunter John Fraser tells the story of Essex's haunted prison.

38 Rogue Oscillators
Daniel Wilson dusts off his wireless and tunes in to one of the weirdest controversies in broadcasting history - a story of hellish howlers, ghost cars and witch-hunts.

46 Strange Rain
Falls of frogs and showers of fish, black rains and bloody downpours, ash-filled skies and deadly smogs... Cynthia Barnett examines weird weather events and asks whether humankind plays a considerable role in creating them.


76 Stories from the Illustrated Police News - No 38. Teddy Wick, the Fastest Barber in the West by Jan Bondeson


53 The Adventure of the Sailor in the River by Helen Barrell

54 Ghosts of the firestorm by Jenny Randles

56 Atlantean brass by Jerry Glover

Strange Days

Hampstead's Satanic panic, dead Putin's body doubles, fairy door clampdown, fish spillages, aerial portents, animal prodigies, Essex doppelganger, ghosts of the R101, another Grey Lady photographed - and much more.

  • 05 The Conspirasphere by Noel Rooney
  • 08 Medical Bag
    • The Gerbils of Death
    • Cow Bile to the Rescue
  • 14 Science: I Heal the Body Electric by David Hambling
  • 16 Archaeology by Paul Devereux
    • The Embrace of Time
    • Stony Secrets of the Sands
    • Alien DNA
    • Solar Spirals?
  • 17 Classical Corner - 187: The First Spin Doctor by Barry Baldwin
  • 18 Ghostwatch: The Airmen Who Would Not Die Re-Examined by Alan Murdie
  • 22 Fortean Follow-ups
  • 23 Alien Zoo by Karl Shuker
    • Costa Rican Dodos
    • Mythical Creatures Down in Denver
  • 25 Mythconceptions - 188: Chinese Restaurant Syndrome by Mat Coward'
  • 27 Fairies and Folklore: Fairy Hurlers by Simon Young
  • 28 The UFO Files
  • 80 Strange Deaths



  • 02 Commemorating Charles Fort



It Happened to Me


Reader Info


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