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(Fortean Times #324 (February 2015))
(Fortean Times #324 (February 2015))
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* Cover price: £4.25
* Cover price: £4.25
* Cover: Nicholas Roerich Museum/[[Etienne Gilfillan]]
* Cover: Nicholas Roerich Museum/[[Etienne Gilfillan]]
* Digital editions: [https://www.zinio.com/www/browse/issue.jsp?skuId=416330120#/ Zinio version] --- [http://www.magzter.com/GB/Dennis-Publishing/Fortean-Times/Entertainment/85208 Magzter]

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Fortean Times #324 (February 2015)



  • 28 Seekers of Shambhala - The many lives of Nicholas Roerich
  • 36 I'm Not a Conspiracy Theorist, But... Why are we sceptical about conspiracies?
  • 21 Farewell, Frank and Louie - A remarkable two-faced cat passes on
  • 66 If You Go Down to the Woods Today - Putting the Rendlesham Incident on film
  • 12 World's Longest Moustache - The winner by more than a whisker


28 Nicholas Roerich: Seeker of Shambhala (cover story)
Gary Lachman delves into the many lives of Nicholas Roerich - artist, explorer, archaeologist and guri - and his extraordinary campaign to start a political and spiritual revolution based on the ancient myths of a mysterious hidden kingdom in northern Asia.

36 I'm Not a Conspiracy Theorist, But...
Why do mainstream media and academic research continue to promote scepticism about conspiracy theories in a world where we know that conspiracies take place on a regular basis? Matthew Dentith argues tthat we are all conspiracy theorists now - whether we like it or not.

40 Ghost in the (Milking) Machine
There were odd goings-on down on Wilkinson's farm in Tarcutta, New South Wales, back in 1949. Paul Cropper and Tony Healy investigate the strange case of the haunted cowshed... one that baffled agricultural experts, scientists, magicians and the Australian Prime Minister.


46 Neil Jordan: Searching in Dreams - An interview with the director by Angeline B Adams and Remco Van Straten

48 Dictionary of the Damned - No 59. Reflections on forteanism by The Hierophant's Apprentice

66 If You Go Down to the Woods Today... Bringing the Rendlesham Forest Incident to the screen

76 Stories from the Illustrated Police News - No 37. The murder of a fortune-teller? by Jan Bondeson


53 Stoned in Suffolk by Peter McCue

54 Charles Fort's notes liberated by Bob Rickard

Strange Days

Another combusting Indian baby, return of Planet X, djinn on the increase, Muslims discovered America, changeling children, Turin Shroud update, Katie Melua's spider inside her and other unwanted guests - plus much more.

  • 05 The Conspirasphere by Noel Rooney
  • 08 Medical Bag
    • Spider Inside Her
    • It Crossed His Mind
    • Moth Eared
    • Alimentary, My Dear Watson
    • When the Voice Fits
  • 12 Science: Illusions of Knowledge by David Hambling
  • 14 Archaeology by Paul Sieveking
    • From Dagger to Doorstop
    • The Ice Maiden's Tattoos
    • Bony Armour
  • 15 Classical Corner - 184: Je Suis Un Right Charlie by Barry Baldwin
  • 16 Ghostwatch by Alan Murdie
  • 21 Alien Zoo by Karl Shuker
    • Glowing Mystery Larvae
    • Record-Breaking Janus Cat
    • Unbearable Mystery?
  • 23 Mythconceptions - 185: Hot Water by Mat Coward
  • 24 Fortean Follow-ups
    • Shrouded in Mystery FT313:15 etc.
    • The Shroud of the Ripper FT320:18-19
    • Fresco Fiasco FT294:12
    • The Big Sleep FT316:8-9
    • Corpse Dolls FT283:4
  • 25 Fairies and Folklore: Stolen Children by Simon Young
  • 26 The UFO Files
  • 80 Strange Deaths



  • 02 Conspiracy central



It Happened to Me


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