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(Fortean Times #321 (December 2014))
(Fortean Times #321 (December 2014))
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* Cover price: £4.25
* Cover price: £4.25
* Cover: [[Etienne Gilfillan]]
* Cover: [[Etienne Gilfillan]]
* Digital editions: [https://www.zinio.com/www/browse/issue.jsp?skuId=416321633#/ Zinio version] --- [http://www.magzter.com/GB/Dennis-Publishing/Fortean-Times/Entertainment/73764 Magzter]

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Fortean Times #321 (December 2014)



  • 38 Seeing Fairies - Modern encounters with the Little People
  • 16 Ghostwatch - Sceptics, scientists and spoon benders
  • 22 Monkey Business - New Delhi's misbehaving macaques
  • 14 Rocking Out at Racetrack Playa - Mystery of the moving stones solved?
  • 04 Balloonatics - Creepy clowns pop up all over


30 The Fairy Investigation Society (Cover Story)
The Fairy Investigation Society, dedicated to tracking down modern accounts of the Little People, must rank as one of the strangest British organisations ever. Simon Young tells the story of this curious enterprise, through five key episodes in its eccentric and largely forgotten history.

38 Seeing Fairies
Marjorie T Johnson spent years collecting accounts of fairy sightings and the fruits of her labour finally saw print this year in the most comprehensive collection of modern fairy encounters ever assembled. Here we present a small selection of the riches contained within its pages...

46 The Music of Fairyland
The Little People have long been associated with music. Composers, artists, writers and observers of the natural world have all reported unearthly strains hovering in the air, and some have even attempted to write them down. Chris Woodyard keeps her ears open and listens for the lovely and mysterious sounds of Fairyland.


50 First Forteans - No 10. Wars, schisms and peace pledges by Bob Rickard

76 Stories from the Illustrated Police News - No 34. Suicide from the Clifton Suspension Bridge by Jan Bondeson


53 The return of the BSWs by Emma McNeill

54 Cattle in the living room by Mark Greener

56 Raising a false flag by Andrew May

Strange Days

Creepy clown outbreaks, Ebola conspiracy theories, praying parrot, two-headed dolphin, oldest rock art, incredible survival stories, space ice hits Cardiff, Ig Nobel Awards, human UFO, Croydon exorcism, fairy census - and much more.

  • 05 The Conspirasphere by Noel Rooney
  • 10 Medical Bag
    • Mr Curly
    • Spud Plug
    • Singing Through Surgery
    • Dental Gratuity
    • Spider Inside Him
  • 14 Science: Death Valley Erratics by David Hambling
  • 16 Ghostwatch: Infrequencies by Alan Murdie
  • 18 Archaeology by Paul Sieveking
    • Thanks to Cave Popcorn
    • Lunar Temple?
    • Roman Discoveries
  • 19 Classical Corner - 182: Food For Thought by Barry Baldwin
  • 21 Alien Zoo by Karl Shuker
    • Resurrected from the Incas' Tombs
    • Jersey's New Toad, Warts and All
    • A Whale of a Find, But Endangered Too
  • 23 Mythconceptions - 182: The Dangerous Dead by Mat Coward
  • 24 Necrolog
  • 25 Fairies and Folklore: A New Fairy Census by Simon Young
  • 28 The UFO Files
  • 80 Strange Deaths



  • 02 Seeing impossible things?
    • A New Fairy Census
    • Crabzilla Conquers the World
    • Bogus Social Workers are Back



It Happened to Me


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