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Fortean Times #310 (January 2014)



  • 30 The Haunted Landscape - The monsters of Victorian London
  • 56 Occulture Vultures - Esotericism, art and academia in New York
  • 44 Speaking in Tongues - The rise of Charismatic Christianity
  • 28 Blasts From the Past - Spring-heeled Jack's American cousins
  • 50 The First Forteans - Harold Chibbett's data of the damned


30 The Haunted Landscape (Cover Story)
London in the 19th century was the haunt of monsters in search of helpless female victims, and Spring-heeled Jack was the most notorious of them all before Jack the Ripper arrived on the scene. But, asks Jacob Middleton, have Jack's celebrated supernatural qualities obscured the real context in which such attackers operated?

36 The True History of Guy Logan
Jan Bondeson looks at the career of Guy Logan, forgotten author of the first full-length fictional account in English of Jack the Ripper's crimes, and we reprint the opening chapter from the 1905 Illustrated Police News.

40 Blades in the Night
Scott Wood examines London's phantom slashers, from the Mohawks to Jack the Ripper, in the context of the capital's wealth of urban legend.

44 Speaking in Tongues
Ted Harrison asks whether the Anglican Church has been revitalised by evangelical modernisers of hijacked by fringe Charismatic Christian activities like glossolalia.


24 Blasts from the Past - No 48. New Jersey's Spring-Heeled Jack scare

42 Weird Weekend 2013 - Down but not out in Woolfardisworthy by Orrin Hare

48 First Forteans - No 3. Round-robins of the damned

74 Fortean Traveller - No 91. Bali's big bird of paradise


53 Time, space and Blavatsky by Steve Moore

56 Occulture vultures by Gary Lachman

Strange Days

Scientology recognised as religion; Mandela's signing imposter; family mummies; Dracula bug; survival against the odds; RIP Colin Wilson - and much more.

  • 14 Science
  • 16 Ghostwatch
  • 18 Archaeology
  • 19 Classical Corner
  • 21 Alien Zoo
  • 23 Konspiracy Korner
  • 24 Necrolog
  • 26 The UFO Files



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It Happened to Me

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