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Fortean Times #301 (May 2013)



  • 38 Weird Whitstable - Panthers, sea serpents and giant foxes: the strange phenomena of a seaside town
  • 28 Peter Cushing at 100 - We celebrate the centenary of a horror icon
  • 42 Believing Impossible Things - Explaining belief in the paranormal
  • 50 Total Recall - Proust and the art of memory
  • 72 Kerali Kallana Capers - On the trail of pygmy elephants in south india


28 Peter Cushing: The Human Face of Horror (Cover Story)
Screenwriter and film fan Stephen Volk feels a huge debt to the "Gentle Man of Horror" who inspired his new novella. He celebrates the great actor’s career and life in this, his centenary year, while Wayne Kinsey looks at Cushing's artistic side and David Sutton recalls the actor's Whitstable connections.

36 Whitstable: An Extract
An exclusive extract from Stephen Volk's new novella

38 Weird Whitstable
Every place has its share of strange stories and Peter Cushing's beloved Whitstable is no exception. Local artist Quinton Winter presents an uncanny archive from the Kentish seaside town...

42 Believing Impossible Things
Why do people believe in phenomena which fly in the face of scientific knowledge? Peter Lamont argues that we cannot understand belief in the paranormal unless we properly consider the things in which people believe, and just what people believe about them...


72 Fortean Traveller - No 85. Kerali kallana capers by Matt Salusbury

76 Stories from the Illustrated Police News - No 21. Zazal and Zaeo by Jan Bondeson


49 The Sikorski mystery by Andrew May

50 Total recall by SD Tucker

52 What's the frequency, Victor? by Gordon Rutter

Strange Days

Survey of conspiracy belief; saint's arm tours Australia; wandering reptiles; dowsing for bombs; haunted mirrors; salad surprises; parrots and cats to the rescue; Europe's oldest town discovered – and much more.

  • 12 Science
  • 14 Ghostwatch
  • 20 Archaeology
  • 21 Classical Corner
  • 23 Mythconceptions
  • 24 Necrolog
  • 25 Strange Deaths
  • 26 The UFO Files



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It Happened to Me

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Reader Info

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