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(Fortean Times #272 (March 2011))
(Fortean Times #272 (March 2011))
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* US Edition is dated April 2011 with a cover price of $11.99 USA (CAN $13.25, AUS $12.95, NZ $17.30)
* US Edition is dated April 2011 with a cover price of $11.99 USA (CAN $13.25, AUS $12.95, NZ $17.30)
* Cover: [[Etienne Gilfillan]]
* Cover: [[Etienne Gilfillan]]
* Digital editions: [https://www.zinio.com/www/browse/issue.jsp?skuId=416154390#/ Zinio version]

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Fortean Times #272 (March 2011)



  • 38 A 100,000-year-old Civilisation? - Colin Wilson explores the 'damned' data of the late Stan Gooch's works
  • 27 The Light Fantastic - UFO witnesses glimpse a new energy phenomenon
  • 30 Psychic Spies - What became of Remote Viewing?
  • 56 Confessions of a Witch - Re-examining a witchcraft trial
  • 28 The Black Ball of Trundle Hill - World War II tale of an unidentified energy form


30 Psychic Spies (cover story)
Remote Viewing was once a cherished project of the US military and intelligence services, a psi technique that appeared actually to work - so why was it ended? Where did its scriers go? And what has become of the psi spies in the post-9/11 worlds? Jim Schnabel provides the answers.

38 A 100,000-Year-Old Civilisation?
Colin Wilson celebrates the pioneering work of the late Stan Gooch, and explains how Gooch's theories about Neanderthal civilisation inspired his own work - even as they were being dismissed by palaentologists. Ironically, some of Gooch's claims have since been confirmed from archaeological evidence.

46 The Doubly Divided Self
Before his recent death, maverick psychologist Stan Gooch sent us one of his final articles, which we're pleased to publish for the first time. Controversially, he suggests that the roots of human conflict can be traced to mankind's dual ancestry and divided brain.

48 Strange Stories from a World of Wonder
Matt Salusbury concludes his nostalgic look at forteana for the children of the 1970s with a collection of sea serpents, emu wars and unusual odysseys, as presented in the pages of World of Wonder.


28 Blasts from the Past - No. 29. The black ball of Trundle Hill by Peter Hassall


55 The tatzelwurm lives! by Ulrich Magin

56 Confessions of Isobel Gowdie by Emma Wilby

58 This just in: God is dead (again) by Gary Lachman

Strange Days

Mass animal deaths; bird on a shelf and labelled cat; Holy Thorn chopped down; Armageddon escape hatch; medical embeddings; lucky escapes; witches threaten taxman; Nazis feared 'Hitler' dog - and much more.

  • 12 Science
  • 15 Alien Zoo
  • 16 Archaeology
  • 17 Classical Corner
  • 19 Mythconceptions
  • 20 Ghostwatch
  • 23 Konspiracy Korner
  • 24 Necrolog
  • 25 Strange Deaths
  • 26 The UFO Files



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Tales from the Vault

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Reader Info

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