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Fortean Times #228 (October 2007)


Strange Days

Animals ease the way for dying patients; Indian manimal returns; Princess "talks to angels"; criminal klutzes; the Full Moon effect; interspecies crossbreeds; the world's tallest log cabin; Chinese emperor's tomb has a secret chamber; false alarm calls; religious riddles - and much more.

  • 14 Science
  • 17 Mythconceptions
  • 18 Konspiracy Korner
  • 20 ABC Diary
  • 22 Archaeology
  • 23 Classical Corner
  • 26 Alien Zoo
  • 28 Necrolog
  • 29 Strange Deaths


32 Invasion 1967 (Cover Story)
What would we do if aliens landed? Forty years ago, Britain found out, when a rash of flying saucer landings stunned the nation. Fittingly, Britain's own War of the Worlds would begin in HG Well's birthplace... John Keeling tells the forgotten story of that fateful day.

42 A Saucerful of Secrets
Step back to the heady days of 1967 as Andy Roberts explains how the Summer of Love in Britain was in part shaped by the hippie movement's fascination with flying saucers.

48 Holy Geist!
In 18th-century Virginia, there was a recorded a curious case involving a variety of poltergeist phenomona and a disembodied voice delivering religious messages. Robert Damon Schneck asks whether God, the Devil or something else was behind this series of strange incidents.

54 UFOs and Hollywood, Pt 4: 1990-2007
Robbie Graham concludes his series on Hollywood and its relationship with the UFO phenomenon.


57 Beastly nationalism by Michael Mehr

58 Mothman and the Corn God by Loren Coleman


30 Britain's X-Files - No 11. The Phantom Flyer by David Clarke


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