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Fortean Times #226 (August 2007)

  • A slightly larger scan/photo of this issue's cover would be appreciated. If you happen to have access to such an image, please send it to scans at the domain ft dot gjovaag dot com with a subject of "Fortean Times Cover Scan". Thanks for your help.
  • Release date: 26 Jul 2007
  • Cover price: £3.99
  • US Edition is dated September 2007 with a cover price of $11.25 USA (CAN $12.95)


  • 34 What Lurks Behind the Mask? - We examine coulrophobia - the fear of clowns - and phantom clown panics
  • 26 Mystery Creature on the Moors - Dartmoor shape-shifter caught on film
  • 58 Giant Woman Cast Ashore - Sea creature recalled in Irish annals
  • 46 Sauniere's Spanish Holidays - A link between Girona and Rennes
  • 42 The Rainforest Reveals Its Secrets - The anomalous animals of Amazonia


34 Don't Send in the Clowns (Cover Story)
With celebrity coulrophobes in the media, evil clowns in the cinema and traumatised children striken with terror at the sight of big red noses and giant shoes, Tim Weinberg wonders just what it is about clowns that so disturbs us, while Benjamin Radford investigates the Phantom Clown panics that have gripped the USA.

42 Amazing Amazonia
In an age of shrinking habitats and ecodisaster, the animal kingdom can still yield startling discoveries. Dr Karl Shuker reports on Dutch zoologist Marc van Roosmalen's work uncovering a marvellous menagerie of mammals in Brazil's vast green heartland.

46 City of Secrets
A new book by Patrice Chaplin reveals an unexpected link between Abbe Berenger Sauniere and the Spanish city of Girona. David V Barrett met Chaplin to discuss Girona's occult connections and disturbing past.

54 UFOs and Hollywood, Pt 2: 1960-1979
Robbie Graham continues his series on Hollywood and its relationship with the UFO phenomenon.


57 Fort letter rediscovered by Ian James Kidd

58 The Sea Giantess of Ireland by Simon Young


28 Britian's X-Files - No 10. DI 55: The Real Men in Black by David Clarke

Strange Days

White ravens return; Saturn's hexagone; patients awaken from vegetative states; avoiding a little shuteye; forgotten whale tracked down; catnapping urban legend; Archimedes's Death Ray; 7/7 conspiracy theorites; Scientologists protest against theatre group; Silbury collapse; latest ABC sightings - and much more.

  • 15 Mythconceptions
  • 16 Science
  • 18 Konspiracy Korner
  • 22 Archaeology
  • 23 Alien Zoo
  • 26 ABC Diary
  • 28 Fortean Follow-ups
  • 29 Strange Deaths



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