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Fortean Times #164 (November 2002)

  • US Edition is dated December 2002 with a cover price of $6.25 USA (CAN $6.95)
  • Cover: All crop circle photos by Steve Alexander


50 Crop Circles (Cover Story)
Rob Irving and Georgina Bruni - Signs and Wonders: Circle-makers or circle-fakers? Two takes on the crop controversy...

28 The White Pyramid
Steve Marshall follows the twisting trail of evidence in search of China's mystery mounds.

38 Britain's X-Files
Andy Roberts and David Clarke emerge from the Public Records Office to tell us exactly what the Ministry of Defence knows about UFOs.

46 Transformations
Marina Warner traces the zombie's journey from colonial construct to pop icon. Sarah Bakewell introduces the Science Museum's Metamorphing exhibition.

Strange Days

06 India's face-scratcher, UFOs over Washington, custom kidnapping, beast of Ogston Reservoir, dopamine and belief, Dublin's jumping Christ, frozen dead folks, Frankenfish, crop circle round-up, plus FBI: Lives of the Grateful Dead



  • 04 Mystery Mounds and More


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Coming Next Month

  • The Terrible Griffin - An unnatural history of the composite beast
  • Father Ernetti's Machine - The Vatican's time-travelling monk
  • The Man from Atlantis - The life and work of 'Sleeping Prophet' Edgar Cayce
  • Fortean Times 165 on sale 09 Nov 2002

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