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* 66 ASSAP Paranormal Olympics
* 66 ASSAP Paranormal Olympics
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<center>[[FT162|Previous Issue]] -- [[FT164|Next Issue]]</center>
<center>[[FT162|Previous Issue]] -- [[FT164|Next Issue]]</center>

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Fortean Times #163 (October 2002)

  • A better quality of scan/photo of this issue's cover would be appreciated. If you happen to have access to such an image, please send it to scans at the domain ft dot gjovaag dot com with a subject of "Fortean Times Cover Scan". Thanks for your help.


28 Defying Gravity
Robert Chambers reports on the race to perfect a working antigravity device.

32 Unfriendly Fire
David Hambling looks at the phenomenon of ball lightning and asks why the US military are so interested in it.

36 Blood, Sweat & Tears (cover story)
Rosalba O'Brien and Enzo Daedro profile the stigmatics of South America

42 Waking Sleep
Gary Lachman enters the twilight zone between dreams and waking.


48 The Day Today - Calendar: we wuz robbed by Paul Sieveking

49 Son of Sam - Barking up the wrong tree by Curt Rowlett

50 Fortean Traveller - I'm a rocket man by Bruce Wright

Strange Days

6 Indian monster mayhem, supersquid, teleporation success, chimp criminal, amazing maze, vomit art, FBI: cattle mutilation and much more...


  • 04 Editorial
  • 23 Subscriptions
  • 52 Letters
  • 57 Reviews
  • 62 Phenomenomix
  • 66 ASSAP Paranormal Olympics

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